I purchased this purple poncho when thrift shopping recently. I wasn’t sure if I could really make it work. Frankly, it’s tough to pull off any poncho in my opinion (despite their recent resurgence in popularity). And bright purple acrylic makes it even tougher.

Here’s what I did to try to make it work:

  • I started with a super slimming outfit. That black mini skirt is probably the most slimming thing I own. The point of this is to reduce the bulk of the overall look because I knew the poncho itself would inevitably look bulky.
  • Tied it tight at the neck. It has a tassel closure that I pulled all the way shut. The point was to create a more unique and fashionable shape for the structure of the item rather than the totally loose look of a normal poncho.
  • Belted it with a color coordinating belt. I belted it up high to further alter the shape of the finished look.

I’m not one hundred percent happy with the look. I still feel bulky in it. But it’s warm and it works more or less. I’m not sure I could do any better with this item.


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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @dlyrs Thanks! I’ll have to play around with the blue one now too.

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