It’s Day Two of Knit and Crochet Blog Week. Today there’s a challenge to the bloggers to show off their most creative photography skills. I’ve decided to take this idea in a different direction and to compile a photo-rich post of twenty of my most favorite beautifully styled crochet photos from around the web. These images are visually striking fashion-rich images that show crochet in their best light! Here they are:

A Beautiful Mess is always smart about fashion trends including how to wear crochet! I love the belt over the crochet top. I love the yellow shoes. I love the hair. I love the vintage collection background. Love.

This 17 year old on Lookbook did a great job on this DIY crochet dress and it’s the star of the show in this great photo. Everything else from shoes to great background serve to highlight the beauty of the dress.

It’s the dark hair against the light crochet top, the big eyes, the weird setting that makes you wonder where she is. Adore it Pandora’s Box.

This photo has stayed in my mind since the first time that I profiled Legin Knits and it’s because of the great styling far more than because of the crochet swimsuit itself.

Just Wow. Gaultier crochet top. Via OutsaPop Trashion.

This one comes from a terrific crochet lingerie photo gallery over at The Lane.

Violet Bella is smart about mixing fashion trends with unique personal style. This is actually a photo of someone else on her site wearing some crochet in a totally individual way. Something about the light in this photo is so romantic!

Romantic, stark, intriguing setting here. And what a great pastel crochet jacket too! Via Peekaboo Vintage.

A vintage crochet dress, a unique shoe choice, some Dior sunglasses, a little bit of gold jewelry. It works.

Don’t you just want to step outside and see where she could go? Via Glamour.

A sunset. A mysterious glint in the eye. And terrific granny square crochet. Via Garance Dore.

I love what Ambika Friendly Furs is crocheting using angora rabbit fur and I love these photos which are styled with cute fashion, set against sweet wallpaper and yet still feel a little edgy.

Great reflection. Great branding. Great angle. Via Anna Renee is Still Talking.

I hadn’t planned to include any celebrity photos but I just love everything about this image of Madonna in a Dolce and Gabba crochet dress.

And I have to include one more celebrity photo (of Vanessa Hudgens) because it so excellently captures the great fashion and fun of Coachella in a stylish active photo.

Another great action shot of stylish crochet complemented by a stylish male partner. From The Sartorialist.

You can’t not look at this! It’s originally form Etsy’s knittingfashion but I found it on StyleHive.

Usually I think a fashion photo should have a full body and outfit in it but there’s something about the cropping of this one around the crochet bag with just a hint of a crazy outfit and interesting personality that actually really works. Nice post from the Ethical Fashion Blog.

I think there’s something really cool when a photo of the photographer’s camera actually looks stylish and fun. And here it’s set off by the great crochet gloves. Works for me! Via This Next.

There are many terrifically styled vintage crochet photos. I like this one because we don’t actually see the model, just the work, and yet it looks like a fashion photo.


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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Rouxlette Thanks! I’m so in love with how people wear crochet and photograph their personal style in it!

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  2. ElevenHandmade Reply

    Great crochet finds! It was so interesting to see all crochet goodness in one post.

  3. CrochetBlogger Reply

    @Lo3110 The black and blue one from ManieOne? I love what they’re doing!

    • Yes! It’s really beautiful. Do they sell their patterns by any chance? @CrochetBlogger

      • CrochetBlogger Reply

        @Lo3110 Not that I know of … I think they just sell their finished items.

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