As a follow up to my post of 100 unique crochet scarves I thought I’d put together a roundup of 100 unique crochet hats. Hats are another thing that everyone can crochet and there are many, many out there that look the same as all of the other but there are also some truly creative ones.

The 100 crochet hats in this roundup are divided into the following ten categories: crochet art hats, striped crochet hats, crochet cloche hats, crochet hats for guys, kids’ crochet hats, freeform crochet hats, novelty yarn crochet hats, matching sets including crochet hats, vintage crochet hats and the TRULY UNFORGETTABLE crochet hats.

Crochet Hats from Crochet Artists

Xenobia Bailey is the first crochet artist that comes to mind when I think of creative hats.

Janet Lipkin is a painter and multi-media artist that I adore for her crochet artwear. This hat comes from 1973 and is at the Oakland Museum of CA.

Babukatorium is a crochet artist who does great rainbow colored crochet including this hat.

Learn more about the crochet art hats of Genna Miles

Aldo Lanzini’s crochet costumes include stunning headpieces.

Carol Ventura is the absolute master of the art of Tapestry Crochet. This is her felted tapestry hat, which I believe can be found in her Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet guide.

Another Tapestry Crochet artist is Meg-An who designs handpainted clothing and crochet hats like the gorgeous unique hat here.

Flickr’s Twisted Old Loony makes one of a kind art hats. This is the back of The Splendid Sparrow.

Somer Sherwood also makes one of a kind crochet art hats. This one is called Lettuce Go to the Mothership.

Crochet Owl Hat from wearable art creator Helen Rodel

Striped Crochet Hats

Rainbow and White Crochet Slouch Hat by SashmoCo

Missoni multicolor crochet hat

Striped Bucket Hat, via old post on Travel Headwear

Jack Skellington Crochet Hat from Jenn Likes Yarn

Graduated Radiator Hat from BrainBlankets

Whimsical freeform crochet hat from Pigglewiggins

Striped Dreadlock Tam from Flickr’s RaimbowTree

Striped Openwork Rasta Hat by joyfulgabby

Pinwheel Crochet Stripes by SarahsSomethings

Vertical Stripes Hat by myfroggiebeads

Crochet Cloche Hats

Crochet cloche hat pattern from AyanaRed

Merino cloche hat with bold flower from NonnaLia

Unusual Crochet Cloche from StrawberryCouture

Embellished Crochet Cloche by Jen Neitzel

Linen crochet and knit cloche hat from 2HandMade

Crochet flapper hat pattern by HandmadeCottage

Openwork design for cloche hat by TheEnchantedMoon

Neon Cotton Crochet Cloche Hat by Flickr’s woolmountain

Cyclops crochet cloche by theknittinfool

Vintage Angora Crochet Cloche Pattern via babydee

Crochet Hats for Guys

In my roundup of hot guys in crochet hats I mostly looked at the guys. Now let’s look at some hats.

This great urban crochet hat for men is a pattern in the book Hip Hats and Cool Caps.

@Lindamade’s men’s ski hat published in Crochet Today!

Men’s Crochet Beanie with Fabric Bill by GlamourDamaged

Upcycled Lambswool Beanie by HatsbyElvee

This felted fedora was a previous Etsy feature pick

Paul Smith men’s crochet hat

Mark Dittrick crochet cowboy hat from Hard Crochet

Men’s Red Driver’s Cap by bigalhats

The Awkward Unicorn managed to crochet this hat using a pen instead of a crochet hook

Vintage men’s crochet hat via Galumpia

Kids’ Crochet Hats

These twin set crochet hats were previously featured as an Etsy pick on this blog

Ruffled baby cloche hat with matching cocoon from SunsetCrochet

Granny Square Kids’ Cap pattern from PdfPatternDesign

Stretchy Kids Hat, free crochet pattern at FaveCrafts

Crochet Kids Beret by PatternsByMarianneS

This floral crochet hat has been one of the most popular Etsy patterns recently posted on this blog

Thundercats crochet hat from BeeBeeKins

Crochet Smurf Hat from theheadsaid on Etsy, part of my roundup of Smurf Inspired Crochet

Crochet Zebra Hats by Rambunctious Kids

Tween’s crochet hat with wood button accents by TeaPartyHats

Freeform Crochet Hats

Indonesian Inspired Freeform Crochet Hat from Ann Stearnbach circa 1970

2 pointer Crochet Hat from Freeform pattern designer Mirtooli, who I met once at Bluebird yarn store

Freeform Crochet Hat from MoonMaiden

Freeform crochet hat from musician Ana Voog

Whimsy Hat from Gooseflesh

Free Form Crochet Hat from wildlywhimsical

Simple freeform hat from Etsy’s Suzann61

Girl with a Hook specializes in crochet freeform hats

Tribal Crochet Headdress from UTHAhats

SalixTree crochets one of a kind freeform hats

Novelty Yarn Crochet Hats

Angora Rabbit Fur Crochet Hood by Ambika Friendly Furs

Novelty Yarn Crochet Hat by Colormixcrochet

Crochet Pillbox Hat via CRAFT

Novelty Yarn Pillbox Hat with Flower by ArtYarnYummies

Winter Hat Crocheted with Eyelash Yarn, other novelty yarn and some wool by woolmountain

This Anna Sui designer crochet hat includes some novelty yarn, source

Ribbon yarn and wool yarn crochet newborn hat by AndreasPropBoutique

Fuzzy Beanie by HatsbyElvee

Hemp Crochet Marble Hat by danejobonnelle

Recycled doily hat by Wollarium

Matching Sets including Crochet Hats

Crochet hat with feathers and matching wrap by Janice Rosema

Ribbon Yarn Hat and Scarf Set by ColorfulYou

Crochet hat with matching earrings from Unique Stylez 4 All

Crochet Hat with Matching Muff by Ambika Friendly Furs

Russian Winter Crochet Hat Set

Retro Crochet Hat and Bag Set

Neon Flower Hat and Striped Gloves by MyTangledSkeins

Vintage Crochet Hat and Bag Set, pattern sold on Etsy by suerock

Girls’ crochet hat and matching sweater coat by CrochetKConfections

Kids’ Cowboy Hat and Matching Boots by OliJAccessories

Vintage Crochet Hats

Vintage Crochet Cloche Hat with Matching Square Bag

Vintage Popcorn Beret Hat via Sydney Crafternoon

Vintage Crochet Sailor Hat pattern from babydee

Ribbed Crochet Hat with Feather via Very Vintage

1920s vintage crochet hat pattern with unique detailing via 2olddivas

1950s Bangle Crochet Hat via Stitch Story

Retro crochet summer hat pattern via Zafirah

1960’s crochet hat and drawstring bag, pattern sold on ArtFire by TodaysTreasure2

Crochet Granny Square Hat made from retro pattern by LindaDiLeva

1970s crochet granny squares hat via RubyLane

Truly Unforgettable Crochet Hats

KAIJ mostly makes mixed media fascinators but sometimes that extends into a great crochet-adorned hat.

Etsy’s skufish made this strangely wonderful Wintertree hat

Horned Crochet Hat, pattern from The AntiCraft

Crochet Mohawk Beanie by GlamourDamaged

Crochet Hair Hat by JessicasJacket

Crochet Duck Hat from Cheewawamomma

Crochet Pie Hat via Neatorama

Zombie Santa Hat via CrochetMe Forums

Wedding Cake Bridal Hat made from upcycled sweater and enhanced with freeform crochet. From WanderingLydia.

The Crochet Boob Hat from Mama Knows Breast

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  6. Cosmosicula Reply

    Some of these hats are really beautiful!
    I also do crochet hats, this is one of the most insane.
    I made this hat for a videoclip, do you like? :-)

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  11. Hi there! Very lovely and cool hat choices!
    I also crochet hats (among other things). Probably one of the wilder ones is:!/photo.php?fbid=472907722720547&id=470589586285694&set=pb.470589586285694.-2207520000.1372258131.&__user=100000337722394
    Hope you like it!

  12. PatriciaHeath Reply

    Hi. Very unique! I’d like to add my site for future consideration.

  13. Meggan Jack Reply

    Thanks Kathryn, for featuring ‘my Journey’ hat. A friend, having just found it, sent me the link. I have been enjoying learning about some other talented crochet artists from the artist links above mine. I know what my spare time will be filled with today ! lol

    You should check out my friend Helena’s wondeful unique crochet, she’s the one who found this page. and

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