I’ve only got a couple new things to share in this week’s Crochet Corner: an Etsy pop-up shop and an away-from-the-blog announcement.

Etsy Pop Up Shop

I’ll do a more detailed announcement soon but thought I’d let my faithful Crochet Corner readers know now that I’ve decided to launch an Etsy Pop-Up Shop. By pop-up shop, I mean an Etsy store that’s only going to be around for about two weeks at a time and will appear approximately once per quarter. This store is going to feature vintage, secondhand and gently used crochet items at fair prices with deep discounts on the last two days that it’s open. The first pop-up shop will appear next month. Keep an eye on the blog for dates and more details or sign up for my crochet newsletter to be notified when it nears.

I’ll Be Away from the Blog Next Week

I’m excited to say that I’m going to be spending a few days camping next week with my siblings. I rarely take vacations that are truly no-computer, no-Internet vacations so it’s a real treat when I do. This blog will still have all of it’s regular content, which I’ll pre-write before I go, but if you see that comments aren’t moderated for a few days or emails aren’t responded to just know that it’s because I’m in a tent.

So it’s mostly a quiet week here other than preparing the blog for me to be away. What are you up to in your corner of crochet?


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