Last week there was a competition at North Andover High School in Massachusetts to name Mr. North Andover. One of the eight boys in the competition, Stephen O’Grady, is a boy who crochets. I love this because I think it highlights something I’ve been noticing for awhile – that’s it’s totally okay for teenage boys to crochet these days and their peers don’t think it’s weird at all. Wonderful.

Paul Tennant of Eagle-Tribune reported on the activities and interests of the eight guys competing for the title. He name two interests for Stephen O’Grady; in addition to crochet he enjoys badminton. Many of his competitors were primarily interested in sports including football, basketball, track, golf, hockey and baseball. The boys’ other interests include sculpting, singing and robotics.

From what I’ve found out online, this annual event is a popular one at the school. Each of the contestants has a female sponsor. Each contestant comes out on stage and competes in talent, beach wear, etc., similar to a pageant. And the audience gets to go crazy. It sounds like fun. And I think it’s cool that a crocheter was in the bunch this year. Go crochet!

Let’s celebrate the boys who crochet. Leave them some encouragement in the comments!


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