My brother and sister both played basketball in high school. My mom has season tickets to the U of A basketball games. So, even though I’m really not much of a sports girl, I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for basketball. I guess that’s why I connected to the story of Tehresa Coles, a basketball player who crochets on the way to her games.

Tehresa Coles is a freshman player for the Siena Saints of Siena College. The Times Union reports that she’s a 5′ 9″ player whose averages 25 minutes per game, scores 4.9 points per game and ranks second in assists. She didn’t score enough to make it onto the All-Rookie team for the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament but she did have a nice start to her freshman year.

Coles is known for playing better offensively when she’s on the road than when she plays at home. Maybe she feels less pressure away from home. Or maybe it’s the crochet. Coles learned to crochet in high school thanks to an arts and crafts class. She takes her crochet with her on the team bus. Teammates say she crochets most when she’s most nervous so it must be a way to calm the nerves.

Coles puts her crochet skills to good use for others, too. She crocheted a pink hat for a raffle that was done at the Pink Zone game, a game for breast cancer awareness.

In related news, did you know that I’m crocheting some basketball nets right now? It’s for an urban art project. The photo on this post is part of that project (it’s not me).


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