I don’t have a lot of new news to share in my Crochet Corner this morning so I thought I’d do something different in this space today and open it up to you guys to find out what you want to know about me. Your questions can be fun or intense, silly or serious, basic or in-depth … I’ll answer any questions although obviously crochet-related questions would make the most sense.

Leave your question in the comments and I’ll respond there!


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  1. ReneeSpear401 Reply

    So, my question is (I’m a pretty nosey person actually, much to my husband’s despair): is the website and all your posts, reviews, projects, patterns, etc. your only job? Passion for what you do is what will make your job a joy, you just have to make it pay. Guess I’m really asking is, can you support yourself in this way? I hope you can, you really seem to enjoy all the hub-bub!

    Renee :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ReneeSpear401 Thanks so much for asking this question! I am a full-time freelance writer so that’s how I make my money. I used to earn most of my income writing for other people’s sites and I still earn a large percentage of my money that way. I also earn royalties off of things I’ve written in the past for others. Right now my focus is on developing this blog, working on my book and getting more of my own projects off the ground. It currently doesn’t pay enough to support me but it’s steadily growing and I hope it will pay off in the end. Either way, I think that the research and writing I do here (which I love!) can be an asset to my other writing so I consider it an investment in myself at the very least.

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