I recently made a purchase from Yarns of Italy online. I shared in a previous review that I really love this online yarn store and mentioned last week that they’re a current sponsor of mine, having offered a discount to my newsletter subscribers. So I’ve told you why I love them but I thought today I’d just show you. Here are the photos of the yarns I just bought:

I love the unique blend of colors in the Tivoli. I think the Folie is going to work well using the Solomon’s Knot Stitch. And that thick and thin Moyra looks so cozy to have in the fingers! I’m excited to get started with each and every one of these. As you can tell, I stuck to my usual color palette of blue/grey except for my wild choice of cranberry with the Calore.

Which of the Yarns of Italy yarns that I chose looks the yummiest to you?


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  1. carolmckayau Reply

    Forced to choose I would pick the Marasca variegated, this would look great as a knit vest (I don’t knit though as I am too slow at it). I’m looking forward to seeing what you crochet with it :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau Thanks – I haven’t quite figured out what to use that one for yet. Right now I’m really getting into the idea of playing with different variegated yarns together to create different color patterns and I want to do that with this one but haven’t figured out what to combine it with yet.

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