When I profiled Catherine Carr, who crochet with glass, I mentioned that NeSpoon is an artist with some style similarities to her. However, NeSpoon has a unique crochet art style so I thought it was high time to feature her in her own right. What I love about her work is how it juxtaposes the fragile lacework of doily crochet with the hard landscape of urban settings.

More About this Urban Crochet Artist

NeSpoon is a street artist in Warsaw, Poland who has done quite a lot of work with doilies as well as with ceramics, oftentimes combining the two. That’s what made me think of her in relation to Catherine Carr although their styles and mediums are totally different. On NeSpoon’s original blog it says that a friend of hers once called her art “the jewelry of the public space” and I can absolutely see what that fits. Her creations are placed in public spaces where they adorn and decorate the area for all to enjoy. I also like the way Treehugger described it that her “artistic focus is on the intricate patterns of lace, and breaking its granny stereotype by using it to beautify gritty urban spaces.

More About NeSpoon’s Doily Art

From what I can see, it looks like NeSpoon does two major types of doily art: lace art and ceramic art. The lace art involves placing doilies in urban areas for surprising effects. The ceramic art uses doilies to actually texture the ceramics. I think both forms of art are lovely in their own right. NeSpoon features this art in a variety of different exhibits and often seems to collaborate with others to bring her creativity to the public.

The video below is in another language but you can still see some great visuals of the varied artwork in this project, which is called the Forty Forty Project. Crochet Me actually recently mentioned NeSpoon’s working in this exhibit, explaining how “artists Maniac and NeSpoon installed their own exhibition, combining stencil art and lace doilies”.

Favorite Crochet Art Examples

Some of my other favorite examples that NeSpoon has to show off (but you should follow the links above to her sites to see all of her work!) include:

Doily art on the beach in Goa

West Bank. Ceramic Doily Art inside Graffiti Doily Stencil Art.

The doily-inspired work in nature and urban areas in this Italian exhibit are my favorite. Check out her whole set of photos for this here.

I think every abandoned and shuttered building should have crochet art on it!

Other Similar Crochet Artists

I had mentioned this artist in relation to Catherine Carr, of course, but NeSpoon’s work is probably truly more similar to yarnbombers and other street crochet artists. For example, she reminds me just a little bit of:

Olek’s Banksy Tributes

Doug Guildford

Crystal Gregory

Thoughts on NeSpoon? Share!


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  1. She and you (as always) give me something to think about…Thank You “K” for sharing her with us.. I feel that for me she does what the other side of my hook-er self would love to do. Make someone smile, give someone/anyone pause in thier daily lives… look, REALLY look at the place we live in….Be bold in public ways without doing harm? make the tiny and the big become one……mmmmm…..

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Yes definitely! I like what a lot of people are doing with yarnbombing. Even if I don’t always love how it looks visually, I think it’s a cool eco-friendly way to spread craft and beauty around public spaces.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! the link to treehugger and nespoons art is awesome!!! I know all these linkys take up so much time, they are so worth it. I feel in touch with the world through you,”K”.Peace and many chains from Alabama..( No TV needed for me 2day spent the whole afternoon with you and your links. learned alot and saw places where tv could never take me…Yes that was a little “dig” smart-chick…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Ha ha … I do like having my TV on while I’m searching for all these link goodies. :) Glad you enjoyed the Treehugger link. It’s not typically about crochet but I love what they’re doing over there with all that great information. Another one I really like is Weburbanist if you feel like browsing some more cool stuff.

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