For this week’s crochet book section I thought I’d do a short overview of the Betty Hechtman crochet mystery series. This series consists of six books, so far, which are all easy-read mysteries that involve a crochet-loving amateur detective.

The Basics

The book series starts with a book called Hooked on Murder. The main character is accused of murder. She’s a bookstore owner who has just discovered crochet and crochet helps her through this tough time. In the second book, Dead Men Don’t Crochet, the murder suspect is someone else in the crocheter’s craft group (which is called Tarzana Hookers, as the story is based in Tarzana, CA).

The third book in the series is the one that sounds most interesting to me but I haven’t read it yet. The description the Betty Hechtman website for this book, smartly called By Hook or Crook, says: “In the third crochet mystery, Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers find a mysterious package containing a confusing crochet piece. They’re left wondering if its just handiwork or a code of clues waiting to be unraveled.”

The fourth book in the series is called A Stitch in Crime. The crochet group goes on a crochet retreat (I’m jealous!) and that’s the setting for the murder mystery. In the fifth book, You Better Knot Die, the main character is adding a yarn department to her bookstore but of course is distracted by a murder. And in the most recent book, called Behind the Seams, one of the members of the crochet group gets to go on a talk show but that becomes the scene of the crime.

The Six Books

In case you’re curious, here are the Amazon links to each of the six books, where you can go to get more information and reader reviews and of course buy the books, often at a low price:

1.Hooked on Murder (A Crochet Mystery)

2.Dead Men Don’t Crochet

3. By Hook or by Crook

4. A Stitch in Crime

5. You Better Knot Die

6. Behind the Seams

My Two Cents

I have only read one of these crochet novels, You Better Knot Die. Honestly I was indifferent to it but I almost never read easy-read novels and I read mysteries even less frequently so that really says more about my interest in the genre than about the books themselves. I certainly didn’t dislike the book I read. I would consider getting the full set of the six crochet novels for a vacation and reading them from start to finish through the series. I think I could get hooked that way (um, no pun …). In our cross-blog conversation, Sara from Mom with a Hook said she really like the first book in the series but the rest of them were too similar to the first one to really get into it.

Hechtman is a Best Selling Author

I will say that I give Betty Hechtman a lot of credit for being one of the only novelists out there featuring crochet as a leading role in her work. She’s the only one who has really gotten any attention. And it’s not just a little bit of attention either. At least four of these books made the Barnes and Noble Bestseller List for multiple weeks and By Hook or Crook was on the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Best Seller top ten list.

Related Reading

Although Hechtman is the only name I know getting serious attention for her crochet novels, there are some other related options:

Has anyone read these crochet novels? Any thoughts on them?


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