One Year Ago: Shauna Richardson, Artwear, Edun, Pottery Barn Crochet

This post shows what was happening on this crochet blog during this same week in 2011 … and includes related updates where I can. You can follow the links to the original posts and additional information.

Crochet Art

The crochet artist I profiled at this time last year was crochetdermy creator Shauna Richardson. At the time I mentioned that she was commissioned to make three HUGE crochet lions for an Olympics display so I’ve been seeing those mentioned more and more as the Olympics near. I also highlighted her big crochet bear which was on display in Fall 2011 at a huge exhibit called Power of Making.

Crochet Books

The book I featured was Artwear: Fashion and Anti-Fashion. It’s not actually a crochet book but I thought it was an inspiring fashion/ wearable art book worth sharing.

Crochet News

At this time last year I made sure to mention the Beans for Brains scholarship from Jimmy Beans Wool. I love the fact that this store offers a scholarship to students who knit/ crochet. It’s just one part of a great business plan. This business was recognized in the fall when head woman Laura Zander was one of ten women selected to participate in the 4th annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Woman program. I thought it was awesome that this yarn store owner was there on the list with medical businesses and high-tech companies.

Other interesting news stories from this week last year included:

Crochet Fashion

Paris-based Irish fashion designer Sharon Wauchob showcased her second season collection for Edunat New York Fashion Week. Edun is a fair trade fashion organization. The crochet for this brand is done by The Crochet Sisters, are a group of 103 Kenyan artisan nuns who have mastered the art of crocheting. The Sisters also make beautiful hand-made clothing and handbags, using fabrics sourced through local suppliers in Nairobi, to help their church.

Also Style icon Camila Alves mentioned in an interview last year that crochet is one of her favorite things to wear.

And Josephine de La Baume was spotted in this crochet-embellished granny chic dress.

Crochet on Etsy

I interviewed Etsy crocheter JacquiJCrochet who sells crochet patterns. Something I like from her shop right now is her Stumpy the Unicorn amigurumi pattern:

The Etsy crochet features that I chose for this site during this week of last year were:

  1. Child’s Crochet Skirt by Look4TheAnt
  2. Crochet Cloche Hat by Donna7758
  3. Romantic Crochet Vest by Sunsfashion
  4. Unique Crochet Scarf by Hoogs
  5. Crochet Rug by Ekra
Here’s something new from those shops now:
  1. Look4TheAnt is empty at the moment
  2. Victorian Neck Warmer by Donna7758 (now named Donna J Smith)
  3. Striped Crochet Bolero Jacket by Sunsfashion
  4. Scallop Edge Skinny Eternity Scarf by Hoogs
  5. Monogram Rag Rug by Ekra

Crochet Quotes:

The crochet quotes that were featured on this site during this same week last year were:

“The aesthetic behind this trend is very much one of craftsmanship, care and attention to detail. Many designers have reverted back to the use of techniques such as plaiting, weaving and knotting to create pieces that are closer to the couture houses of old than the ‘fast fashion’ of today’s fashion world. Precision detailing and craftsman ship have added an extra wow factor to this seasons collections.” – Iman Pasha on crochet as a trend

“Yarn bombing” has grown into a global movement of woolly intervention in the urban landscape, in which self-proclaimed “craftivisits” graffiti everything from parking meters to bridges with knitted legwarmers and crocheted cozies. – Meghan Lawson

“A crocheted piece is the lovely manifestation of a thought, expressed through hand, heart, hook, and yarn.” – Francine Toukou

“A few crafters still make the time-consuming fine laces and pretty doilies of days past, but most of us today crochet not to pass the hours, but to show our love for others or to express our individuality in a world of mass-produced merchandise.” – Suzann Thompson

“The work blends the dramatic gestures of abstract expressionism, associated at its height with a particular masculine bravado, with techniques and materials associated with women’s work.” – Kate McQuaid on crochet art

Yarnies on Twitter

At this time last year I recommended following ten yarn sellers on Twitter. Some were big, some were small:

  1. @CaronYarns. I like checking out what Vickie Howell shares on the Caron blog.
  2. @StitchHouse. Boston yarn store.
  3. @kathyelkins. From WEBS.
  4. @BuffaloGold. This one is no longer active.
  5. @PlymouthYarn. Awhile ago I did a review of this brand’s Italia Fingerpaints yarn.
  6. @sherylmeans. This one seems to not be active anymore.
  7. @JellyYarns … I want to give special love to this one because when they saw I was doing a December giveaway of a Jelly Yarns book, they immediately offered to send some Jelly Yarn to the winner.
  8. @LionBrandYarn. I’m happy with how interactive this brand is with their Twitter friends.
  9. @RedHeartYarns. Lots of fun shares from this big brand.
  10. @lomaslaces – I’m a big fan of this one and just recently reviewed one of their yarn options.

Here’s What I was Up to A Year Ago:

I showed off my crochet bobble scarf. Later I made a sparkly version of the same scarf.

And I mentioned doing a guest post on crochet themed weddings.

What were you doing one year ago in crochet or on your blog?


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