Sheila Pepe art, helmet liners for troops, African knit and crochet clothing, my crochet hat

This post shows what was happening on this crochet blog during this same week in 2011 … and includes related updates where I can.

Crochet Art

The artist that I profiled last year at this time was Joana Vasconcelos. She is best known for her doily-covered sculptural objects (like pianos). I continue to adore her stuff. Vasoncelos currently has her artowrk on display in a group exhibit at Palazzo Grassi. The exhibit ends February 21st.

In other art news, there was an exhibition of yarn artist Sheila Pepe at this time. I wrote about Sheila Pepe again in April when I did a more complete profile of her work, including the interactive aspect she offers by allowing audiences to unravel and work with her yarn on display.

Crochet Books

The book I reviewed during this week last year was Hip to Crochet by Judith L. Swartz. I made a few items from this crochet book (see below). Swartz continues designing. One of her patterns was published in Interweave’s 2011 Accessories book and you can see her designs on Ravelry.

Crochet News

Thanks to crochet in the news I learned some new things about charity crochet at this time last year. I found out that volunteers were crocheting helmet liners for the troops. That was the first time I’d heard of crocheting helmet liners but I’ve since learned that it’s a common option among people interested in doing charity crochet. Skein Lane offers a free crochet helmet pattern liner. I also learned about crocheting milk bag sleeping mats for the homeless. And finally I learned about Something in the Water, an eco-friendly crochet art project I project I ended up contributing to later in the year.

During this week last year was when I compiled my initial list of 25 yarn and crochet apps. Since then a couple of crochet blogs have gotten apps, Red Heart released a new version of its app and Crochet Concupiscence launched an Android app.

Crochet Fashion

This was when I first shared the “tummy-less crochet dress” that was rocking the world. It was a dress worn by model Maroues Horst. Later it would gain a lot of attention as the crochet dress by Pucci that was worn on numerous magazine covers and by several celebrities (like LeAnn Rimes, shown above at her wedding reception). And only recently did I learn that this dress is actually knit, not crochet.

This was also when I shared about Siamanda Chege, a former model who had launched a company called Bebe Ravi that provides crochet employment to women in Africa. Here’s an outfit from their newest collection:

Crochet on Etsy

The Etsy crochet features that I chose for this site during this week of last year were:

  1. Plum Cowl by LalaStudios
  2. Easter Table Runner by Bestdoilies
  3. Girl’s Crochet Dress by ECS Creations
  4. Crochet Earrings by Fr33na
  5. Crochet Scarf by tippystextilesnstuff
Here’s something new from those shops now:
  1. Chunky Neckwarmer by LalaStudios
  2. Valentine’s Doily by Bestdoilies
  3. Crochet Hat and Sweater Set by ECS Creations
  4. Lace Earrings by Fr33na
  5. Cranberry Crochet Cowl by tippystextilesnstuff

Crochet Quotes:

The crochet quotes that were featured on this site during this same week last year were:

“I value crochet with good reason: It is a very simple technique that is capable of producing very sophisticated results.” – Judith Swartz

“Crochet is so simple and so versatile. All you need to get started is a hook and some yarn. The action of catching and looping the yarn soon builds up into stitches, making crochet one of the fastest ways of creating a fabric.” – Melody Griffiths

“I am June, daughter of the Universe, a crocheter like those who came before me.” – P. June Diehl

“Once you start pulling loops through loops, why evah stop?” – Vashtirama

“Crochet may be the perfect craft. It’s incredibly fun, simple to learn, and fits effortlessly into your schedule. I’ve always loved needle arts, and I’m especially drawn to those with wonderful color nuances, and textures of yarns, beads, and threads. I’m also a beader and a knitter, but crochet is something I’ve done since I was a teenager. I was often more comfortable with crochet than with other needle arts because of its simplicity.” – Jane Davis

And I shared a published crochet poem

Crocheters on Twitter

At this time last year I recommended following ten crocheters on Twitter. Here’s what they’re up to now:

  1. @crocheting. This is a fun one to follow because it posts crochet book links on the date of the book’s release. It’s Amazon’s book releases page for the topic of crochet.
  2. @AllFreeCrochet. I still follow this active twitter feed that links to the articles on the site as well as other related crochet links.
  3. @crochethobbyist. This one updates once a week or so with a few Tweets each time.
  4. @CrochetToday. One thing I’ve come to appreciate about this magazine’s Twitter account is that they give a lot of love and RTs to other crocheters.
  5. @CrochetKim. It’s easy to stay update on this crochet designer’s life through her Twitter feed.
  6. @TracieCrochets. Ditto for this crochet designer! Another one I definitely still follow.
  7. @NexStitch. Lovely conversational crochet posts continue on here!
  8. @cutecrochet. In addition to regular Tweets, this Tweep now curates a Twitter paper for crocheters
  9. @VickieHowell. It’s always fun to know what this craft expert is up to.
  10. @StitchDiva. Lots of good hooky thoughts here like a recent Tweet wondering if people are using Kindle to read crochet patterns.

Here’s What I was Crocheting A Year Ago:

A little hat from the Hip to Crochet Book I reviewed

And I adapted a pillow pattern from the same book to make this popcorn purse

And I shared my four simple crochet joys of the week. Maybe I should start doing this again, if not on the blog then on Twitter or G+.

Are you enjoying these “one year ago in crochet” posts?


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