There aren’t a lot of big announcements from me this week so I thought I’d just use this space to share some of the hooky things I’m up to or wish I was up to.

I’m Crocheting a Basketball Net

I decided that I wanted to participate in Molteni Net Works call for crochet and knit patterns for basketball nets, something I’d listed in a call for submissions awhile back (before the deadline to apply had passed, which it now has). The purpose of this project is to ” create functional, hand-crafted basketball nets for neglected public hoops”. The image above is a gallery art display that the project was a part of. I haven’t figured out my own hoop design yet but I’m working on it and am excited by the project.

It’s Time for Stitches West

Stitches West is one of the big crochet/ knit events that happens annually on the West Coast. There are lots of other little fiber fairs and whatnot here but most of the other big events that I know of are in the Midwest or on the East Coast. As such, I’d marked my calendar and planned to attend the event this year. Finances aren’t quite where they need to be, though, so I’m not sure I’m going to make it. I’m definitely not going to be able to take any of the classes, which is a bummer because it looks like there are some great crochet classes being taught by a number of good instructors including @KRWKnitwear, @kristin_omdahl, and @edieeckman. I also won’t be making it to the fashion show, which I’d love to see. I am still going to try to make it to check out the marketplace but that in itself could be costly. I don’t drive here, which I love, but that means I’d have to rent a car for the day to get down there. And then when you add in the marketplace ticket and the yarn I’ll inevitably want to buy there and it becomes a bit pricey. Worth the splurge? Certainly. But not sure I can afford it even if it’s worth it right now.

I Ordered Seamless Crochet

I have to confess that I rarely purchase crochet books. That’s not a reflection on how I feel about crochet books, because I love them. It’s actually how I am about all books. After being a book hoarder for years, I finally got rid of nearly my entire book collection about five years ago. It was such a relief for me to declutter all of that heavy space and ever since I’ve chosen not to own many books. I use the library. I get digital copies of books. I get review copies and use them until I’m ready to give them away. So it says something when I actually intentionally buy a crochet book and pay full price for it. I haven’t received it yet but I did just place an order for Seamless Crochet: Techniques and Designs for Join-As-You-Go Motifs by @kristin_omdahl. I have just seen so many great things about this book. I love how motifs look but hate joining them at the end so I almost never do motif projects so I’m hoping this book offers what I’m looking for in terms of the desire to create more motif-based projects. I do confess that this purchase was a little bit of a consolation prize for myself once I realized I probably can’t make it to Stitches West because of budget concerns.


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      @pasmonauta Great question! I think that one’s just an art piece but there are some cool knit/crochet nets that are functional.

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