The most commented-on crochet item in my January roundup of celebrity crochet was the fringe-enhanced crochet dress worn by Kim Kardashian. It kept nagging at me because I could have sworn I’d seen it before but I didn’t know where. I was just searching through my celebrity crochet archives and found the answer.

The Crochet Dress on Kim Kardashian

The Same Crochet Dress on Model Kelly Brook

Back in September 2011 this same crochet dress was spotted on English Model Kelly Brook:

The Same Crochet Dress on … Kim Kardashian?

But wait, in mid-November I also posted about this same crochet dress on Kim Kardashian. Now that I look more closely, the “new” photo that I came across in the January celeb news is actually a cropped version of the photo where she was wearing this back in late 2011. Oops.

Sorry I didn’t catch that before now although I’m happy to publish the image again since I think it’s kind of a cool crochet outfit. I don’t think that I’d wear it. The fringe doesn’t bother me in terms of fashion but I think the dress would make me look too heavy because of it. What do you think about this fringed crochet dress? Do you like it better on Kim or Kelly?


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