A group of male inmates at Folsom State Prison has made their very first donation of knit and crochet items to a shelter for women and children.

Folsom State Prison Hooks & Needles

Hooks & Needles is the name of the craft group that started about one year ago at Folsom State Prisoners. An inmate who wanted to give back thought that this would be a great way to help others and he got the group going. Within two days of announcing the group there were nearly three dozen men signed up to be a part of the program and there are more on the wait list now.

First Donation

This prison crochet group received $500 in donated hooks, needles and yarn scraps. They used those items to make 30+ knit and crochet caps for babies. The items were just donated to a women’s and children’s shelter in the area. The group will continue to make items, adding knit and crochet lapghans to what they offer, although their next donation recipient has not yet been selected.

Benefits of Prison Crochet

I’ve mentioned crochet programs in prison a few times now. That’s because I think that they offer something beneficial to our society. I used to do writing work with inmates through a mail program I’d launched and although I don’t do it anymore I continue to believe that having a creative outlet aids in healthy growth for these individuals which ultimately benefits the entire community. I also think it’s great that the prisoners crochet for others as a way to give back to the community that they may have harmed.

This prison group is seeking a crochet instructor. If you were there would you volunteer your time and skills to teach them methods of improving their crochet? Why or why not?


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  1. crochetcabana Reply

    I don’t live anywhere near California so it is easy for me to say sure, I’d do it. :-) However, I do think that although these men made mistakes, if they want to learn a skill that can help others – and maybe even give earning potential for when they are released – I think that effort should be encouraged and applauded. Many men are quite successful at doing fine work with small tools as is evident here. So kudos to them and to those who allow it to move forward.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @crochetcabana I absolutely agree with your great sentiment here. Thanks for sharing it!!

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