Today’s Etsy crochet selection is the Wild Rose Lariat Scarf by gsakowskidesigns. I love the natural inspiration.

Is purple the color that you would choose for the rose if you crocheted this?


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  1. CoalescentCrochet Reply

    I’d go with the purple if I made it (and I might just take a crack at it). What I might shift the chartreuse color in the leaves a little more into the bluey shades. Greens and purples are some of my favorite colors together, but you have to have the shading right. Beautiful piece of work!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @CoalescentCrochet Ooh, great point! Would love to see it if you do try your hand at it!

  2. mevrsnoeshaan Reply

    It’s lovely, and the colors are great. The rose could have been yellow or orange too, for a bit of a hippy-feel.

    It’s a beautiful scarf / necklace!

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