Today’s Etsy crochet feature pick is Zolayka’s terrific granny square crochet bag. You all know that blue/grey is my favorite color combination so that is why I picked this one specifically but the seller offers a variety of classy colors. This crochet bag is fully lined with two pockets and a snap closure and is listed for $85 right now on Etsy.

Is blue and grey the color combo you’d choose for this? If not, what is?


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  1. carolmckayau Reply

    1. Medium blue petals and medium green squares ( 1B8EE0 and 63AD13 )
    1. reddish pink petals and purple squares ( E01B6A and A21BE0 ) – I have socks in similar colours to this – scary ha?

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau Ooh, colorpicker looks fun to play with. Thanks for sharing!

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