Today’s crochet quote is one of three suggestions for crocheters that Nicki Hitz Edson and Arlene Stimmel made in the introduction to their book titled Creative Crochet. I’m curious to see if you agree with it or not …

“Crocheting is a logical process; everything you do makes sense.”

I think I agree on one hand and not in another way so I’d love to hear your thoughts on this way. Incidentally the two other suggestions, which I agree with, were “make mistakes” and “don’t be afraid”.


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  1. Ok Great quote. yes in and of itself it is logical. But,, make sense, no not right at first for me. There were moments as I learned to make a cap that the increase then stop made NO Sense.. (also not logical at the time) then the ahhhh moment, Big-Bright-Light-Bulb came on… YOU KNOW of what I speak. Yes make mistakes the joy of hooking is that it can be frogged easy..that is how we learn.. Do not be afraid!!! Fibers do not yell at you and are very forgiving!!! Fibers are our friends Play with them!!!! Just ran into a thingy that said “Hand-Crochet” I mean is there any other way to crochet????? Has some one made a machine and not told ME :)???????

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Nope, there’s no such thing as a crochet machine (see here: but sometimes we say hand-crochet to make sure that people who aren’t as familiar with the craft know that the item is handmade. :)

  2. my humor at times goes a little over the top. I knew, I was just picking FUN.(MMM At whom I so donot know … )

  3. In my following and just plain ole’ surfing i have found so many great words and thoughts by just people with hooks, and or great creative Fiber Hearts, so much chainy goodness, we need a whole wicky just 4 us….(oh my 2 much thinking going on here:) Not just People, sorry hooky people with HUGE HEARTS that are all over the world.

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