Today’s crochet quote comes from Kelli Ronci’s Kids Crochet: Projects for Kids of All Ages. It’s written in language digestible for kids but I thought it was a fun quote anyway since it touches on the growing popularity of crochet amongst youngsters.

“Over the years, crochet has gone in and out of style, but nowadays it’s so popular that many people are forming crochet clubs – there’s even a national crochet club that hosts a race to see who can crochet the fastest”.

So true.

If you’re interested in stories about young people crocheting then check out these goodies from the archives:

Who is the youngest crocheter you know?


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  1. As a “finder” of a young artist mmm need to explore more. I truly know that it is not the “fastest” that gains. It is the1 that Sticks with It!!!! what ever it is; the doing of Crochet. the WIP that took 100 yrs to finish the Heart felt giving 2 charity near or far…. 1 square or one cap.I do not gain, I play with my —— given talents to give to others and to Myself….WE all deserve BackPats for picking up and continuing the Hook..(oops ranting on your space “K” Thanxs)

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