I learned to crochet as an adult but I worked primarily from kids’ crochet books to learn. Sure, I used YouTube to get my questions answered on some basic stitches but for the most part I learned by working simple patterns found in crochet books written for kids. Lately I’ve been returning to kids books for crochet inspiration. The simple language and simple designs brings things back to the basics and that’s a great starting point for good design. That’s why today I thought I’d share with you Kids Crochet: Projects for Kids of All Ages.

Who this Crochet Book is For

This crochet book is obviously written for kids who are just learning to crochet but it can truly be used by people of all ages. Although it was published in 2005, I think that the designs are really fresh and new. The simple intro may be boring to an experienced crocheter but provides a nice foundation for new crocheters with info on where yarn comes from, how to choose it and how to work with it.

More About this Crochet Book

This book is organized in a way that gets you going step-by-step through the early stages of crochet so the first patterns relate to color, then we move into learning about texture, shape, crocheting in the found, stuffing items and finally making a sweater. Along the way, there are small projects that can easily be worked up in an hour or two by a knowledgable crocheter seeking a simple project.

Most Inspiring Crochet Projects

Here are some of the designs from the book that totally inspire me to want to manipulate the idea with my own yarn choices:

Crochet critter cushions

Crochet striped bag

About the Crochet Author

Kelli Ronci (who has a super cute website) is a “prop stylist, craft author and designer specializing in kids, baby and holiday projects and decor for print and television.” She used to be a craft editor for Martha Stewart Living but is now busy with her own Etsy stores, uber-craft blog and more. Crochet is one of her favorite crafts.

What is your favorite kids’ crochet book?


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    @kelli_ubercraft It’s a really great book Kelli! Lots of fresh ideas that can be used by both kids and adults!

    • kelli_ubercraft Reply

      @CrochetBlogger Thanks again! I really appreciate the positive feedback :)

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