Whew … January was a busy month here on this crochet blog. Thanks to all my regular readers and commenters who make it such a joy for me to post every day. If you missed any of the posts during the month, you can find them in the recap below:

Most Popular January Crochet Posts

I personally really enjoyed my week long cross-blog crochet conversationwith Sara from Mom with a Hook. However, this month’s most popular post was my crochet artist profile of playground sculpture crochet artist Toshiko Horiuchi-Macadam.

New Features

In January I debuted my project: 365 Ways to Wear Crochet. I am loving the challenge of wearing crochet each day and photographing it for the blog. My favorite was my Chunky Grey Crochet Cowl. Did you have a favorite January photo?

January also saw the launch of One Year Ago In Crochet. I look back at what happened on this crochet blog during this week in 2011, providing updates where I can. I love looking back!

I also started featuring daily crochet job / volunteer crochet links and weekly calls for crochet submissions. I hope that these two new features will develop and improve as time goes on. Learn how you can help.

This year I’m doing a 12 in ’12 Charity Crochet Project. I made my first donation.

And finally, I’ve launched Friday Open Discussions where I pose a semi-controversial crochet topic and you can discuss it in the comments. I want to note that I had some serious problems with my commenting system in January. I appreciate all of the readers who gave me feedback to try to help me get it fixed. This blog has now switched to a new comment system and I hope the ease of it will stimulate more conversation in these open discussions. In January the discussion topics were taking crochet shortcuts, crochet in chain stores and honoring the craft.

Crochet Art and Artists

Crochet Books

Yarn Stuff

People Who Crochet

Inspiring stories of people who crochet:

Crochet Fashion

General Crochet News

Hooked Together

This project returned this month. I explored the blogroll connections of:

My Crochet

I made a fresh YOP To Do List. And I showed some items:

Crochet on Etsy

On Mondays I do themed posts using Etsy’s Treasury tool. January’s themes were:

Of the individual Etsy crochet features on the other days of the week, I especially loved:

Daily Crochet Quotes

There were crochet quotes daily on the blog M-F all month long but some of my December favorites were:

Happy February everyone!


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