You saw this dress a little while ago when it was still a WIP dress but now it’s finished and styled differently. Last time it has the granny squares on the bottom, which I finally sucked it up and frogged and completed the dress without them. I’m happy with how it’s turned out. The dress itself is kind of shapeless so in the original fashion attempt I paired it with a corset but today I paired it with a tank top and slip that provide shape underneath. I like how the shape has a bit of that mod 60s feel.

The Outfit

Malabrigo Yarn Crochet Dress, Black Tank, Black Slip, Diamond Pattern Black Fishnets, Blue Boots

Crochet Detail

Most of the dress is openwork treble crochet but the neck is a more detailed texture of crochet post stitches.

The Shoes

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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @thelittletreasures Thanks so much! I am really pleased with this one so it’s great to see that others like it too!

  1. Very COOL!!!! Great work!!! the way your paired it gives the neckline a sort-of Cleopatra style bib necklacy (yes thats a word in my world) looks which i happen to like… perfect tights as always…. your right the “G” squares didn’t work…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Thanks Mary. I am really happy with the way that this one turned out. As you said, the necklacy part is a favorite of mine :)

  2. I like your dress – it’s very pretty – and the boots are perfect with it. :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @dlyrs So appreciated! I love my blue boots which make any dress have a bit of a quirkier fun style.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Arduinna Aw thanks! I actually didn’t use a pattern for this, just kind of made it up as I went along. I can only do that with clothes for myself because I can adjust the shaping as I go :)

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