When I previously wore this crochet ring as a necklace I mentioned it would make an appearance as a ring in the future. Here it is! I’m feeling kind of gross today so it’s just a lazy jeans and tee kind of day but the ring adds a little style.

The Outfit

Skinny Blue Ribbed T-Shirt, Dark Denim Loose Jeans, Black and White Striped Socks, Colorful Crochet Ring

Crochet Detail

My hair could benefit from a comb today but I love the ring! I actually found this circle already made in a lot of crochet thread I’d purchased and decided to attach it to a ring I already had.

The Shoes

Yes, I do realize the socks don’t match the ring. They’ll be covered with black sneakers when I go out. :)

This post is part of 365 Ways to Wear Crochet.


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