I’ve launched the 12 in ’12 Charity Crochet Project with a commitment to make crochet donations to one charity per month throughout this year. People are welcome to join me for just one month or throughout the year.

My February Group: Compassionate Creations

Compassionate Creations is the name of one chapter (the MA chapter) of Threads of Compassion. This group accepts handmade scarves to be “given to a survivor of sexual violence when they enter the hospital for emergency treatment or at their initial meeting with a counselor at the rape crisis center.” This gift provides warmth and care to people at a time when they really need it. Another goal of the project is to provide a tangible way to start opening up the conversation about sexual violence so that people don’t remain shameful and therefore silent.

Why I Chose This Group

I used to intern in the sexual abuse unit of Child Protective Services. I also used to work in a group home where many of the kids’ lives had been affected by this type of abuse. And as a woman in today’s world I think it’s always an issue that you are aware of. I wanted to do a little bit to help this month.

I chose the MA chapter simply because it’s the Threads of Compassion website I found first. I did try to find a CA chapter because I’m sure there is one but I couldn’t find one through Google so I decided to just go with the MA group. People everywhere can certainly use this help and it seems like a strong group that’s really doing a lot with the donations they receive.

My Plans for the Month

I am going to make one scarf to donate this to organization this month. Scarves have to be at least 5″ wide by 65″ long. I learned last month that it’s not necessary to stretch yourself thin but putting together a huge donation. It’s okay to make a small donation. This organization also accepts wristbands, though, and those seem to especially go to younger folks so I may also make a few of those to send along with the scarf.

Are you donating any crochet items this month? If you blog about it then leave a link to the blog post in the comments below!


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  1. creationsbycris Reply

    I’m with ya! Got my first donation made to the APL, working on some others. I added a couple news ones to the list already in hopes to have something finished for them soon.


    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @creationsbycris creationsbycris Loving your chosen organizations!!

  2. WOW ! Not the right word but this is an issue than is Near and Dear to my own personal heart… First I have give you Big Bloggy Hugs for doing what You did!!!!! Ok I got the measurments, 5×65″ Please get me a mailing address where I can send one. Might not get there till late Feb. and I am on a budget(aren’t we all) but I can afford to mail a scarf… Girl scarfs or boy scarfs WHAT????? I want details… My hooks are empty and itchy … got plenty of “thrifty” yarn just waiting… Colors??? I got it !!!!! Oh yeah is fringe allowed????

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Awesome. I think it’s great that you want to participate. If you click on the link to “Compassionate Creations” in the post it will take you to the main page for the site and you can find all the info there including a link to a crochet wristband pattern which is the one I’ll be using. The mailing address is also there.

  3. ps: what do you mean by wristbands??? I am not in contact with the “younger” gen. at all so … just give me a description and I will add it 2 my scarfy donation . Need #’s length width, Like one continues loop???or what????

  4. Sorry (oh heck no I am Not) this page is “booked” till you get back to me…..thank you Katheryn you gave me a huge Sparky thing :)

  5. i do “ripple” scarfs, they can be a little over 5″ will they accept that????

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Ripples are always pretty. The site says that pretty much any scarf is okay as long as it meets the minimum size. They prefer soft yarn so it feels like a hug around you.

  6. I think what I am trying to say / ask is How can I help in some small way with my Hooky self???

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 I definitely think it would be great to make and send a ripple scarf.

  7. got ‘ya on the huggy part !!!! goodness if we all got more “wanted” hugs we would be better able to give “needed” hugs……

  8. got all the info. thank you “K” Bless my printer2 … funny how my “thrifty” yarn is all carons…..(really perfect colors also..)

  9. shame on me anyone out there ever hooked 2 the Lady Gaga? she is one of my faves:) gotta love someone with that song Born this way…. if you do doesn’t she just make u want to dance? how could you not want 2?

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Check out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/37120686/crocheted-bad-romance-lady-gaga-doll

  10. Thank You for SCREAMING !!! Is there a chapter in my neck of the woods??? I am going to do what I said which is donate to this Great cause in MA … Ya’ll know us southners give us a chance. hook me up……

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