At the beginning of the year I announced that I was going to start a charity crochet project with the goal of donating handmade crochet items to a different organization each month during every month this year. Here’s the update from Month Two.

February Donor Organization

The organization that I chose for my February donation is Compassionate Creations, which is a chapter of Threads of Compassion. They accept donations for people healing from sexual violence. Learn more from my first post.

What I Made

I made one crochet scarf for donation. First I created the main sections of the scarf in blue. I did ribbed half double crochet with a center spaced bobble every fourth row. I then connected each of these sections to one another using a connecting row of green bobbles. Then I added green triangles (by decreasing) at either end of the scarf. I’m happy with the end result and hope that the recipient will be too!

I also decided to make some wristbands to go with the donation. I used the crochet wristband pattern that is linked to on the Compassionate Creations page.

What’s Next?

I’ll be continuing on with this project in March. My next donation will be to Binky Patrol, which provides items for kids in various traumatic situations.

Some Things I Learned

Last month I mentioned that I was feeling like an ungenerous crocheter because I didn’t enjoy spending the whole month crocheting for charity. However, I was able to scale my plans back this month and that ended up allowing me to really enjoy making the donation rather than having crochet resentment.

Obviously there are many ways to scale back a donation plan. For me, the way that makes the most sense was not specifically the number of items but rather the time frame. Whereas I had devoted the month of January to crocheting for charity, I switched it up in February to just do as much crochet as I could for charity over a two-week span. This coincides nicely with the scheduled blog posts which are spaced two weeks apart from the time that I share the info about the organization I’ve chosen (on the second Sunday of the month) to the end of the month post (on the final Sunday of the month). I found that setting a charity time frame, rather than an amount to donate, worked really well for me.

Join Me!

Did you donate handmade items to charity in February? If you blog about it, leave the link to your post (the specific post not the main blog homepage) in the comments below so everyone can learn about what you donated!


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