An old picture of me from last year when I was in Argentina. No crochet in this one but I think I was drawn to share it because Vegas always makes me want to get back to nature!

I’m a little stressed for time lately. I was down in LA for two weeks then my sister was visiting me for a week and now we’re in Vegas for four days. I love spending time with my family but it definitely takes away from time working, blogging and crocheting and I have to admit that I’m ready to get back to my normal life. That’ll start happening when I return to San Francisco mid-week. In the meantime, I don’t have a lot of new stuff to share since I’m just barely keeping up as it is so I’ll quickly recap and mention a few things and be on my way.

Advertise for any Crochet Help You Need

I’m listing daily crochet job links and every weekday there’s also a featured job. If you need help with anything crochet related including tech editing, pattern testing, crochet blogging and sample making then this is a great place for you to reach a targeted crochet community that is interested in working with you. Ads for both paid and unpaid positions accepted. It’s only $15 to advertise and that gets you a featured post on the blog plus 30 days on the Crochet and Yarn Job Listings page. Info here.

Read Stories About Awesome Elderly Crocheters

I put out a collection of 2011’s news stories on this topic. It includes 34 stories and touches on the nation’s oldest crocheters, elderly crocheters who make awesome donations to charity and some really cool old people who are making great accomplishments in non-crochet areas, too. The booklet is only $5.99 and can be bought here.

You Can Join Me in Crocheting For Charity

I’m doing donations to twelve different organizations this year, one per month. I’m setting up linkies twice per month for anyone who wants to join in to share their links. Learn more here.

I’m in a Crochet Contest this Week

I was one of the people who joined in on the crochet contest hosted by Elisabeth Andree. She shows us how to do a chain – single crochet and offers three variations of it. Each of us contestants are putting together our own pattern for various items using only these three variations of that stitch and no other stitches. We’ll all be posting this week so you can see what we’ve made. My post will come in a few days.

Okay, so bear with me til mid-week if I’m slow on answering emails and Tweets and so on and so forth. Vegas is sensory overload enough without constant computer consumption! I’ll be back to normal once I return home. :)

Diary of a Smart Chick

I just thought I’d mention, in case anyone is interested, that I’ve resumed writing on my non-crochet personal blog. It’s at Diary of a Smart Chick.


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