Normally I don’t pick up knitting books. After all, I don’t knit. But everyone once in awhile I see one that can inspire me as a crocheter even though I don’t knit. That’s exactly what I found when I picked up Knitovation: Creative Knitwear Made from 3 Simple Shapes, a book by Barry Klein and Fayla Reiss.

The Basics of this Book

This is a book that shows how you can take three different easy-to-make shapes and turn them into a huge variety of different wearable items. The patterns in the book are for knitters but of course you can make the same basic shapes as a crocheter so this is a book filled with inspiration for getting your crafty self moving in new directions.

Who This Book is For

This is a knitting book so of course it’s going to appeal to crocheters who can also knit. However, the patterns in the book all show the measurements of the pieces that go into the final products so you can use that information to create your own crochet items based on the knitwear designs. Therefore this book is for:

  • People who both knit and crochet
  • Beginning crochet designers
  • Creative crocheters who like to expand on simple ideas

Simple Shapes

This book relies on three simple shapes: the square, the rectangle and the triangle. Pretty much all of us know how to crochet squares and rectangles and as long as you know how to increase and decrease then you can also crochet a triangle.

Yarn Inspiration

This book uses a variety of different types of yarns. This shows how different yarns can be worked to turn a simple shape into something more dramatic. For example, the Annie O., shown above, is just made with three rectangles but it uses cool yarn from Trendsetter Yarns to make something very unique and stylish. That’s yarn information and basic shaping that you can take as a crocheter and run with it.

Adding Trim

This book also has great ideas and suggestions for adding trim to enhance knit (and therefore crochet) designs. The Madonna (above) is just two basic triangles and a rectangle but the trim that’s been added makes the shirt totally unique and fascinating. These tips are great for inspiring crochet designs!

Do you ever use knitting books to get crochet inspiration?


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