Somehow another month has gone by. Here are some of the recent sightings of crochet clothing worn by celebrities and shown off on the runways.

Celebrity Crochet

Vanessa Hudgens wore a Lisa Maree crochet swimsuit while in Miami with her boyfriend. The style is available via Free People.

Beyonce wore a similar crochet swimsuit in a promo photo that the Daily Mail explains is controversial because of how light her skin appears here.

Ashley Tisdale out on the town in a black crochet dress. Via Just Jared.

Kim Kardashian in what some are saying is questionable crochet style. What do you think? Via Gather: Celebs

Emma Stone in a crochet top I love. Via Daily Mail.

Also loving Taylor Swift in crochet. Via Daily Mail.

I think that’s a crochet top on Megan Fox in this video.

Designer Crochet

Missoni has the 2012 Fall Man wearing crocheted circle necklaces. Photos via GQ. Here’s a closeup:

NY Times reports that this Valentino dress has 650 hours worth of crochet in it.

Alexandra Spencer in Free People crochet dress for January 2012 LookBook. Via Become Gorgeous.

New Anna Sui fragrance ad. Via Huffington Post.

I’m excited because February means fashion week. Will there be crochet on the runways?


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  1. What interesting designs! It’s great to see crochet popping up all over the fashion world. :-)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @byZula Thanks! I really love finding all of these. Some are really unique and others are more easy-to-find styles.

  2. auntiebeckys Reply

    I’m not big on fringe but like the fashion forward thinking with Kim K.’s dress and love the 70’s fairy updated look of the perfume,

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @auntiebeckys Fringe is definitely a tough one to pull off in a stylish way isn’t it?

  3. Great stuff. Loving those necklaces on the men.. As for Kim K’s top,mmmmmmm looks like all that fringe could get in ones way.. I mean am I the only one that has those messy eating oopsys?? LOL!!!!!!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Heck, it’s not just the fringe, it’s the fact that it’s white! :) I don’t think you’re supposed to eat while wearing clothes like that. I think it’s such a fun crochet piece though and really unique from what most of the other celebrities are wearing.

  4. Perhaps if it was on the sides of the sleeves???? Heck listen to me…That piece took time and a skill set I haven’t mastered (YET….)

  5. Ah yes the White of it All. so true… How could all of our creative minds put 2-gether a peice of art /motifs/play/work/motifs/ together?? From one part of the coast 2 the other????? For a (lack of words) some thing you can you dress in… Heck pants,blouse,overcoat ,scarf hat.etc OK we are all involved with charity and our own hooking sometimes we should just try and have fun…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 There are lots of Crochet-A-Longs (CALs) where people all work on the same item. Crochet Me is one good site to find them on and you can find them on Ravelry as well.

  6. someone pick a color to start. I know we all have Great taste…..

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