As you may know from other posts, I have decided to join Revelations of a Delusional Knitter and many others in trying to surmount my stash this year. I created a very organized approach for month-by-month tackling of this plan. I was all set to go and I AM getting started.

But EEK! The plan starts with taking inventory of my existing yarn stash. It sounded so easy before I started. Up until about midway through last year I was really super good about keeping my stash updated on Ravelry so I’d know what I had. And then …

And then I started getting free yarn on Listia, getting discounted yarn at SCRAP (our local art thrift store), picking up yarn here and there from indie sellers, using up some of the yarn that I had, doing some yarn giveaways … and suddenly I’ve got yarn everywhere and no clue what I’ve got and what’s been used or given away.

It’s certainly doable to organize this stash and find out what I’ve got but it’s a bit of a bigger task than I thought. While my wonderful little sister was visiting she helped me out by taking photos of more than half of my yarn stash. She did close-ups of the labels as well as photos of the number of skeins of each yarn so that I could visually see in one place what I’ve got. I’ve uploaded those photos on Flickr.

One thing that I’ve learned so far is that I have an affection for single skeins. I like to try different yarns so I have a million single skeins in this stash. Guess I better make a plan for some one-skein projects or start seeing which yarn goes well with which other yarn!

The rest of the inventory plan goes as follows:

  • Finish photographing all of the rest of the yarn. There’s a large bin under my feet. There’s some stuff in the closet. There are some more bags in the closet. And I think that’s all.
  • Upload those photos to the Flickr set so they are all in one place.
  • Head over to Ravelry which I think is the best place to keep track of my stash. Move all used and given-away yarn from my stash to my used side.
  • Input the info from those Flickr photos into the stash on Rav so it’s all in one place with the info I want like the weight and color and price I paid (when available).
  • Add it all up because I want to get an honest assessment of how many skeins and yards and types of yarn I have.
I’m hoping to get this accomplished by the end of the month. Is it possible?! Any thoughts on this process? Any tips for better stash tracking?

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  1. I think your goal should be reachable. I have all my yarn on Ravelry. Most was added before they had the price paid fields, so I haven’t worried about that. To me it was more important to get pictures (!), number of skeins and color. I love that Ravelry already knows the weight and yardage for most yarns, which is great if most of yours are full skeins.
    I love being able to view my entire stash visually … since that’s tough to do in real life (too much). Now I just need to figure out ways to reduce my stash.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Carmen! I definitely like the idea of visually being able to see my yarn on Ravelry. I want to include the prices where I can because I intend to sell some of my stuff and it’ll help to price it but that’s definitely not the most important part of the system.

      Good luck with using your stash. I’m finding it helpful to be part of 2012 Surmount your Stash by Revelations of a Delusional Knitter!

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