On Fridays the Etsy crochet feature is a feature of a crochet pattern being sold as a PDF on Etsy. I haven’t tested these patterns myself but choose them because I think they’re super cute. Case in point: today’s crochet baby booties pattern by TwoGirlsPatterns. Adore those yarny loops!

I’m curious … do you buy crochet patterns on Etsy? Why or why not?


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  1. I buy patterns off Etsy & Ravelry. I don’t mind buying patterns because we all have to live. If someone is putting in the time and effort to design and make a pattern why shouldn’t they be paid for their time! I sell my patterns and items just so I can afford to buy more yarn and more patterns :-)

    • I definitely agree with you. I don’t buy patterns often but that’s because I don’t use patterns often. I like to make my own designs. :) But I do think that pattern designers should get paid for their time and effort and I support that when I can.

      I’m curious … have you found any difference in the experience when buying crochet patterns on Etsy vs Ravelry? I’ve heard mixed things on this topic.

  2. No sometimes the pattern isn’t done well and is very hard to follow. plus most I can figure out myself

  3. I don’t buy patterns from anywhere. Crochet has been around for a very long time. All crochet patterns have been done before. Yes there might be a little extra or more fancy here and there, but they are all from basic patterns, just stitched or embellished differently. Irish crochet has been around for hundreds of years, some of the most beautiful and complicated needlework in the world. Look at all the free patterns they’ve made available. So free patterns can be found for any item. The net has really opened the world of patterns. So to claim a pattern as your own and expect to be paid for it is arrogant since whatever your pattern is has been done before, sometimes hundreds of times over. Looking for a pattern for anything just Google, Pinterest, Ravelry, any of the big yarn makers will provide you one. You can use as is or embellish the pattern. I refuse to pay for patterns that are rip offs from basics created years ago. I can’t imagine that type of arrogance. Most real crocheters just love sharing their patterns, taking you back to the beautiful Irish crochet and laces. To them it was an honor to do so. Nobility looked for these women to teach and share their patterns with other women in court, and they were honored to do so. People who try to sell patterns should take a page from their book, women with real talent empowering other women through sharing. All patterns have been done before so people who sell should get over themselves. Arrogance, ignorance,ego and greed prevail through the ages, those things never seem to change. I am happy to be living in an age and country that allows me to share my opinion, so some good things prevail. I am happy to see all of the wonderful people who still empower others through sharing their knowledge, free of charge. So don’t buy patterns, honor those who have chosen to share and empower you, free of charge. Those people are a blessing. Thank you.
    Kathy M.B.

    • Kathryn Reply

      You do have the right to share your opinion for share and that’s a valuable perspective. I personally think that there’s a place for both free and paid patterns. Some women make a living to support their families by creating original designs and selling them. What you’re paying for isn’t just a set of stitches but the time the designer took to put them together, get the count right, use the yarn that works best for that design and organize the information in a way that is easy for you to understand with charts, photos and instructions. In some cases, you’re also paying for their support if you get stuck. Luckily, there are both free and paid patterns out there so people with different opinions on this can make their choices about the patterns they want to support!

  4. I still consider myself new to crochet, but I don’t buy patterns for the same reasons others have stated here. To me, that’d be like buying recipes….

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