If you’re just joining in Sara of Mom With a Hook and I are having a Cross Blog Conversation. Basically you get to eavesdrop on our conversation about crochet, community and other cool stuff. You can find out more about cross blogging in the first post.

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My Turn

So that means that it’s time for me to give my Day 3 response.

Hi Sara,

You are so right that good non-pattern crochet books (novels, memoirs, even non-fiction) are lacking. Believe me, I’ve looked! It’s too bad because there’s a decent amount of knitting literature (I’ll recommend Ann Hood’s The Knitting Circle here) but not as much in crochet. I’m hoping to contribute to changing that in a small way in the years to come although I’m not much of a fiction writer so it’ll be in the non-fiction and memoir area for me. I did try to get into Betty Hechtman’s crochet mystery series but I’m not a huge fan of mystery reading and didn’t get as hooked as I’d hoped. One book I did enjoy was Mary Beth Temple’s Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot, which is a collection of crochet-related essays. I’d love it if someone did more in that area, similar to what YarnHarlot All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin has done with her humorous knitting (and now spinning) essays. And one book that I really want to check out is a new young adult novel called Yes, which is about two teen boys who start a crochet business. Is there a genre or style of crochet fiction that you’d like to see someone writing?

I love the idea of the “How the Hook?” Q&A that you mentioned finding. I’ll have to head over to your Spotted Blogs post and check out who that blogger was. By the way, I love your Spotted Blogs posts. Usually I find one or two that I didn’t already know. It’s stunning how many crochet-related blogs there are out there! Debi of Hooks and Yarns highlights blogs in a similar way in her Blogday posts. I think it’s so great that you gals are connecting the online crochet world in this way. I don’t do quite the same thing but I do have the Hooked Together series, sharing the blogrolls of many crochet bloggers, as well as my Saturday Link Love posts that highlight my favorite crochet posts of the week from a variety of blogs.

I think it’s terrific that you’ve been able to focus more on your interest in crochet as a career. I genuinely believe that when we devote ourselves to developing in areas that we love then we not only live fuller lives but bring more to others as a result. I would love to touch base with you sometime to learn more about your job coach experience since I think that’s a terrific, creative, interesting way to find what you truly want. But keeping to more crochet-related things here on the blog, I look forward to seeing what develops with your class teaching. Am I right in thinking that you’ve taught some one-on-one crochet in the past? What was that like? Are you a teacher in any other capacity?

Thanks so much for sharing the info about your experience sponsoring children through Compassion International. It sounds like a wonderful experience and I think it’s a great thing that you are doing for the kids. And it’s great that you can use your skills (in both writing and crochet) to generate money to give to others. Crocheters seem to be an extremely generous group of people and I’m always so impressed by how many folks are using the little bit of extra money that they have to buy supplies to craft for charity. It’s terrific. I’ll be learning more about this first hand this year through my 12 in ’12 Charity Crochet Project. I’ve chosen one charity per month that I’ll be donating handmade crochet to. This month I’m doing Bridge and Beyond, an organization that provides warm clothing to the homeless in Ohio. Although it’s not a local organization, I chose it because San Francisco does have a huge problem with homelessness including a lack of services for homeless women and children. Every day I’m asked for money from homeless individuals and I don’t give it for a variety of reasons but I do want to offer something tangible towards this issue so I’ll be able to do that through crochet and this organization, which I chose because I’ve followed their blog for a long time and it seems like a well-organized heartfelt effort. Incidentally, I’ll also be doing some local donations and donations to other causes throughout the year. Twice monthly I report on what I’m doing on the blog (the second and last Sunday of the month) and anyone who wants to join me in trying to donate to a charity of their choice is welcome to post on their own blogs and use the linky in my posts to help spread the word about what they’re doing.

LOL … I love that you asked me where I find the time to work on my blog because I was recently interviewing Kristine over at Ambassador Crochet and I almost asked her the same thing. She has six beautiful kids and I’m thinking, “how the heck does this woman find time to shower, let alone crochet and blog!” but in the end I didn’t ask her because I realized that people think the same thing about me for different reasons. The short answer is that we, of course, find time for the things that we love to do and I love both writing and sharing crochet with others so I make the time. The more complex answer relates to what I was saying before about how I believe in the value of doing what you truly enjoy doing because it allows you to live a full, happy life while also being your best self for others. I believe that if I keep writing about crochet and sharing it and following whatever other passions arise for me then I’ll have the energy to earn the income I need to keep it going. Basically I think if you’re doing what you are “supposed to be doing” or love doing then everything else will fall into place. At least, that’s what I think most of the time. :) Crochet Concupiscence does earn some money although right now I’m actually spending more on it than I’m making. That’s because I hired an awesome web guy to help me with the tech end of things (sometimes it is truly best to outsource to professionals!) My hope is that it will begin to earn more money and will also promote some of the other things I’m getting going, like the health benefits book when that’s out, to generate further income. I am a writer / blogger by profession so a lot of what I do in terms of research and writing here can translate into articles for other sites and publications, which helps, too.

Okay, you asked about two more things so I’ll quickly get to those. First, you asked about the Friday Open Discussions which is a brand new thing launched last week here on the blog. On Friday mornings I’m posting about what I think is a “hot topic” in crochet and opening up the comments for anything that anyone has to share on that topic. Last week it was about the pros and cons of crochet appearing now in chain stores. This Friday it will be talking about ways we honor or diminish our craft in the way that we talk about it. The other thing you noticed was my Crochet Calls for Submission, which is also a new feature. I’m trying to gather links to calls for submission of patterns, articles and crochet art so that people can come to me as a weekly resource for these things. I’ve noticed that these calls, much like crochet jobs, aren’t aggregated in one place. I wish they were so I figured why not do that myself. I may end up aggregating the weekly calls and daily job posts into a single type of daily post instead of keeping them separate. We’ll see what people prefer. I hope it’ll be a helpful resource for the crochet community.

So what I want to know now … I’ve noticed that you’re participating in FOTH on YouTube. I know a little bit about this because I’ve seen the video posts done by Cris (@creationsbycris). How is that going? What are the biggest challenges in moving from text to video to talk about your crochet?

Summary of Questions

  • Is there a genre or style of crochet fiction that you’d like to see someone writing?
  • Am I right in thinking that you’ve taught some one-on-one crochet in the past? What was that like? Are you a teacher in any other capacity?
  • How is FOTH going? What are the biggest challenges in moving from text to video to talk about your crochet?

I’ll keep it at that since I think we can both go on and on about crochet-related things without a big push. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you again, Sara!



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