Today’s quote isn’t about crochet specifically but it is about the transition from handmade to industrialized making and this relates to crochet because to date there is still no crochet machine so all of the true crochet that you see out there is still handmade.

This quote comes from an announcement by crochet artist Mandy Greer about a recycled art project that she’s participating in.

“Despite the transition away from the slow process of harvesting, hand spinning, hand weaving and hand-sewing of cottage industry textile making to the mass produced textiles that so marked the age of the Industrial Revolution, a long-surviving culture of inventive hand-making of usable goods continued, particularly among the textile workers of these massive mechanized factories.”

Why do you think people chose to continue handmaking items despite the possibility of making everything by machine? Why do you choose handmade?


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  1. I choose to buy and make hand-made (crochet) because warm loving HUMAN hands are the best!!! machines do’nt have hearts……(yet lol)

    • Ooh, I love this statement. I may have to use this as one of my crochet quotes in the future! Thanks for the comment.

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