I am absolutely (at least momentarily) infatuated with Andy Aguilar of the Dope Fiends who takes amigurumi characters and displays them in comic book and video animation format to create a cool new form of crochet art entertainment. Truth be told, I am not really all that into the content but I just love the style and format of this cutting-edge art and I especially love the way that it defies so many stereotypes about crochet.

Note to the easily offended: This artist uses some foul language and talks about sex and drugs.

Breaking the Crochet Stereotypes

The main thing that I love about what this artist is doing is that his work succinctly defies just about every stereotype there is about knitting and crocheting so that’s what I’m going to talk about first. As crafters, most of us know that the stereotypes no longer hold true, but they’re still out there and I’m thrilled when I see them being busted up.

This artist:

  • Is a guy. Yes, there are male knitters and crocheters. They’re growing in number. Crochet is increasingly popular with teenage boys. There are amazing crocheters in the fiber arts world (such as Nathan Vincent). But crochet and knitting are still seen as girls’ activities among the general public and I love that this artist says no. Plus he’s not just a male using amigurumi in his art … he’s a male talking about distinctly “male” topics in a male voice and male medium and using amigurumi in his art. Awesome.
  • Is youthful. I don’t actually know how young this guy is but what I do know is that he’s talking about young topics (music, drugs). His amigurumi characters are wearing bling and baggy clothes. Many crocheters these days are young but the “old lady crochet” stereotype still exists and this helps bust it up and show that crochet is a democratic craft.
  • Is geeky / techy. I love geek crochet. I love what nerdJERK has done with video game crochet. I love some of the geekery on KnitHacker and CRAFT. And I love that amigurumi is turned into comic books and video animation here. Crochet and high tech are not mutually exclusive. These days, they can easily go hand in hand. This artist shows that.

Okay, More About This Artist

Andy Aguilar was profiled by Adrian Gomez of the Albuquerque Journal earlier this month because of his participation in Albuquerque’s ComicCon. That’s where I first learned about him. The article explains that Aguilar has a a degree in media production technology and was trying to work in the film and TV industry but found it both difficult and unsatisfying. He started his comic book, The Dope Fiends, in 2004 as a creative outlet where he could share a story in visual format but didn’t begin posting photos for it online (to Flickr) until 2008. The Dope Fiends now has its own site with an active YouTube vlog. There is also Dope Fiends music that can be previewed and purchased on The Dope Friends website.

About The Crochet Art

I’ll be perfectly honest in saying that I’m not one hundred percent sure whether these amigurumi characters are knit or crochet. To me it looks like a majority of them are crochet but some of them are knit. I’m terrible at telling the difference, especially when it’s not in person, especially in amigurumi. I’m always open to hearing your thoughts on this so that I can convey accurate crochet information and learn more myself about identifying the work. That said, I’m fairly certain that at least some of these creatures are crocheted. The Albuquerque Journal article explains that Aguilar does all of the work himself. He makes the amigurumi dolls (which stand about one foot tall each). He also sews their clothing, makes their props, writes the story and does the video shooting and editing.

A Favorite Moment

In one of the videos they say, “our intention is to tell a tale in the graphic form of amigurumi” and I think that they do that in a fun way. In episode 2 of their Vlog they debut a music video warning of “mature content” primarily because of the busty amigurumi girls. I literally laughed out loud during a sexy scene when the male voice says to the girl amigurumi, “how’d you get so sexy girl? You’re made out of yarn and you’re not even real.” It’s totally ridiculous which is probably why I love it.

Connecting to The Crochet and Amigurumi Community

My favorite of the videos so far is Vlog 3 because this is where the videos reach out to spread the word about the larger crochet amigurumi community. We’re pointed to some great sources, several of which I didn’t already know about, including Croshame and GourmetAmigurumi.

Other Similar Crochet Artists

In addition to the two folks mentioned about, Andy Aguilar’s ami art reminds me of these artists:

Howie Woo of Woo Works

Ami Artist Vanessa Chan

Patricia Waller … something about the darkness of Andy’s characters reminds me of this creepy cute crochet artist


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  2. danidoesdoilies Reply

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for Howie Woo since I started my blog. I read about him in Crochet Today and think he is phenomenal. I knew you’d probably be able to lead me to him!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @danidoesdoilies He does some really cool things. Very creative!

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  4. oakherder1 Reply

    Oh, thank you so much for this article. I’ve been a lifelong crafter and about 5 years ago started crocheting (after watching my 96 year old grandmother doing it my whole life). For the last two years I’ve been learning to write and amongst other things have been writing scripts with a friend and childrens books. Andy Aguilar’s work has really brought it all together for me. I can see how I can illustrate my children’s stories and animate my scripts and put images to some of my other work. I’m so excited right now! Thanks again, I love your work and your website is my jam.

  5. CrochetBlogger Reply

    oakherder1 Thanks so much for sharing this experience with Andy Aguilar’s work. Loved reading it!! Would love to see what you do as well!

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