This was the very first crochet dress that I ever made (not to be mistaken with the first one I made not using a pattern). It was made from a vintage crochet design that was super confusing and I had to fudge a few parts. And it’s made with an acrylic yarn that’s not the most flattering on the planet. But because it’s my first dress I kind of love and treasure it anyway. Because it has an open design it needs to be worn with some type of slip or underneath-sheath.

The Outfit

Brown and Blue Openwork Crochet Dress, Blue Cami Tank, Black Slip Skirt, Black Opaque Tights

Crochet Detail

The Shoes

I’ve been inside all day so I’ve just been wearing my tights and no shoes:

If I do go out then I’ll probably put on these:

Or these:

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