I’m not sure about this floral crochet motif, yet. I like the pattern that the variegated black and white yarn has created. I just haven’t figured out how to wear it. Right now I’ve got four motifs put together in a chain. I’ve wrapped the chain around my neck, connecting Flower 1 to Flower 4 with a safety pin and letting Flower 5 hang down. It definitely makes a statement but is it more crafty than stylish? What do you think?

The Outfit

Floral Motif Crochet Neck Piece, Red, White and Black Sleeveless Top, Dark Denim Skinny Jeans, Black Decorated Flats

Crochet Detail

The Shoes

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  1. well then from disgus 2 this..mmm is this permenant??? any way as to your black and white motif scarf, honestly???? perhaps with a different top the stripes take away from your work…. I am not a critic.. you always dress rite-on,neck to feet.but this needs a little tweek .Peace from alabama..(maybe one more motif to show off pattern better???)

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      @65mary65 Yes, this should be the brand new commenting system Mary. I think it’s going to work bette than Disqus. Let me know if you experience any problems!

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