With someone’s yarnbomb in front of my local post office.

Today I’m wearing just a little bit of crochet in two different ways. First of all, I’m wearing a black crochet chain necklace. I love the ease of making a super long chain and then slip stitching it together to form a circle. This circle can then be looped around multiple times to make a simple necklace that looks good and goes with almost anything. The other bit of crochet is the embellishment on the bottom of my dress. I added a simple black crochet shell border all the way around the bottom of this dress that was purchased at a thrift store.

The Outfit:

Black floral headband, simple crochet chain necklace, black and grey sleeveless dress with crochet shell embellishment, black tights, silver zebra print black shoes

Crochet Detail:

The Shoes:

This is a 365 Ways to Wear Crochet Post. Learn more about this project here.


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