Thanks to everyone who offered me well wishes last weekend when I was sick. I didn’t do a Year of Projects post then because I was staying in bed and healing up. I actually haven’t made any new progress on my list of 25 crochet bag patterns that I’m working through but I’ve got a few related projects to show off.

A Couple New Crochet Wine Cozies

If you’ve been following along with my year of projects then you know that I made quite a few wine bottle gift cozies using three different basic patterns. I recently took what I learned from doing that and created my own crochet wine cozy pattern. I don’t have it ready for others yet (it’s one of those patterns that’s just in notes that make sense only to me) although I do plan to offer it as a free pattern soon. I did however recently make two of these wine cozies and offered them as a giveaway item (won by Kat) in my 31 Days of Giveaways that’s going on all throughout December.

Here they are:

I made these by working a few rows of double crochet and then a few rows of crossed double crochet, creating a subtle striped pattern that was difficult to capture in a picture but I really like the way that they look. You also can’t tell but the white yarn here has some blue and green nylon thread wrapped around it so there are little glints of those two colors in the pieces. I added some Italian novelty yarn for the ribbon although it was tough to choose because many different yarns looked food for the closure.

Tiny Little Amigurumi Bag

I have been working on some amigurumi for the first time ever. What I’ve learned about that is that it is really tough on the hands! I’m so much more impressed by all of the ami artists out there now that I’ve tried it myself. In any case, while I was learning, I made a mistake on an arm that I was making and I had to break it off. I ended up with this tiny, tiny little crochet bag:

Sorry about the poor photo there. I am still working with just my ipod and cell phone camera (Santa, I need a new camera!) and it was really hard to get this photo to come out. In any case, you can kind of see how tiny the little bag is since it’s placed next to some tea light candles. I think a series of these in different colors would make a lovely Christmas tree decoration and each could hold a small candy cane. I would probably make future versions a small bit bigger but it was one of those happy mistakes that could easily lend itself to something else.

I hope you are doing well on your Year of Projects! Check in on what everyone else is doing with these links.


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  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    The wine bags are great! Try a comfort hook for amigurumi, it helps a lot!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Marie … I’ll definitely try some different hooks when I delve into ami again. I bent two aluminum D hooks during my project!

  2. Sandycrochet Reply

    Love the wine bags, and glad you’re feeling better. Don’t over do.

  3. Such a creative project to crochet, wine bags. How fun and instant gratification that must be.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Kepanie … It’s definitely an instant gratification project!

  4. Great job on the wine bags, they’re so versatile in what they can hold and make such easy gifts! Amigurumi is tiring, isn’t it? The outcome is always so cute though!

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