My Year of Projects list has one more checkmark this week since I finished off the crochet bag that I’d started last week.

Last Week It Looked Like This

Now It Looks Like This:

The Original Pattern Was …

It’s the Crocheted Swirling Bag by Kathy Merrick, which I found via Knitting Daily as a free crochet pattern. I liked the visual attractiveness of such a unique bag.

My Variations

These are the variations I made to the pattern:

  • Switched from hook size E to hook size G, making a larger crochet bag than the one in the pattern.
  • Used two colors in an alternating pattern (blue, white, blue, white) instead of using four different colors.
  • The pattern called for six rows each of the four colors for the top rows. I chose to do four rows of white, then four of blue twice and then two rows of each of the colors.
  • Instead of making the drawstring as a chain with separate colors, I held the two colors strands together to work the chain in blue and white throughout.
  • Seamed the base pieces together using single crochet instead of a woven stitch.
The last variation made a fairly big difference in the design of the crochet bag. The bag has a much more structured, geometric, three-dimensional look to it. I actually really like the effect and want to try to make another version of the bag with the same type of stitching in a contrasting color. For example, I am thinking about making a black and white bag with red stitching. Even though I like my variations, I think that the woven seams of the original bag are also beautiful and it would be nice to make one closer to the original too. This is a pattern that I’ll use again.
Hope you’re having a great time with Year of Projects. See the links to what everyone else is making here.

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    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Marie … I like the two-tone approach here as well.

  1. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    Hello Kathryn,
    Know this pattern for years, but never did a thing with it. Glad to see your bag and I love it! I agree with Kate and Marie. You did a splendid job!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks so much @ElisabethAndree! I appreciate it!!

  2. Sandycrochet Reply

    Very cool. I love the oddness to it. Oddness in that it’s not even amounts of this and that, and doesn’t follow a straight line. Very cool.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Sandy Crochet … It’s interesting because it’s not that odd when you’re actually working it but then when you start to put all the pieces together it gets this great unusual look to it!

  3. Minding My Own Stitches Reply

    Mmm, can’t wait to see it altogether. It looks very jaunty in navy and white!

  4. Love the different directions in the pattern, makes it quite unique! The woven seams are beautiful but I do like your variation because of the character it gives the bag. I may have to keep this pattern in mind, I need to make a new project bag!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Nicole … It’s a free pattern and one that I think is especially fun to work so I’d definitely recommend trying it!

  5. Ruthmckeown Reply

    Wow, looks super and I really love the blue and white. Well done.

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