This week’s crochet artist feature is of Marion Macedo, a Bolivian artist who is actually a fashion designer. She uses crochet techniques to stitch together unique mixed media clothing made from recycled materials.

More About Designer Marion Macedo

Marion Macedo started creating upcycled fashions in 2005 after training as a clothing designer and a wallpaper designer. Her stunning creations have walked the runways in Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and Tokyo. Most recently she had her seventh big fashion show in her hometown of La Paz, Bolivia. Her dresses have been worn by famous people such as French singer Anne-Laure Girbal. Macedo’s designs are very artistic and mostly intended for show. However, she does do custom fashion work as well, ranging from shawls to wedding gowns.

Marion Macedo’s Crochet

Macedo’s fashions are made using a variety of recycled materials including paper, plastic, old CDs and soda bottle caps. She also uses natural materials to enhance the work, such as vegetable-based dyes and the shells of cocoa beans. What they have in common is the method of stitching them together. Macedo uses very large crochet hooks to do this type of work. One of her most popular recent works is a white crocheted paper dress that she showed at Recycle Yourself, her 2011 La Paz fashion show.

Favorite Fashions

What are your thoughts on upcycled fashions?


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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    Ummm – no. That one lady looks like she fell into a trash dumpster and everything stuck to her when she got out. (I hope that’s not too mean) :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Debi … I totally get it. I just love the imagination and gall that goes into creating something like this and sending it down the runway!

  2. Thank you for this article! I love to see and read about people who do things differently. Especially about upcycled fashion :-)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Laura … I think upcycled fashion is so fun!

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  5. Wow, love her ideas about up-cycling in the designer world. Have been watching fashion for many years. Thanks for posting Kathryn :)

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