By now you have probably heard that Pantone has made the announcement about their selection for the 2012 color of the year. They’ve chosen a bright reddish-orange hue called Tangerine Tango. There will surely be new yarn colors that come out to reflect this announcement but there are already plenty of red-orange yarn options on the market if you’re looking to stock up for color-of-the-year projects.

About Pantone Color Picks

Every year New Jersey based company Pantone selects and announces The Color of the Year. Many fashion designers, cosmetic companies and home decor creators base their collections and products for the year in part on this announcements. For example, we saw a lot of hot pink last year because a pink color was the Pantone choice. This year we’re already starting to see a bunch

Personally, I often don’t “get” the Pantone color selections. Maybe I’m just not trendy enough or maybe I just don’t like the bright hues they tend to pick. Nevertheless, it’s kind of fun to see what colors they pick and what designers of all types do with those colors. So, I may not agree that everything should be about bright red-orange in 2012 but I’ve got one eye open to see how it’s used.

About Tangerine Tango

Pantone doesn’t just pick any old color for their Color of the Year. They try to select a color that uses color theory to solve some of the world’s current problems. Some of the benefits that they say we’ll get in 2012 from seeing more Tangerine Tango include:

  • An energy boost. 2012 is about a high spirited approach to moving forward.
  • Drama, seduction and sophistication. This is an intense but grown-up color.
  • The perfect combination of a red adrenaline rush and a yellow warmth.
Tangerine Tango is also said to bring up the feelings and memories associated with the sunset. They say it’s going to popular this spring but this is obviously more of a fall color. I can see using it in fall wearables and decor.

5 Yarn Choices Close in Color to Tangerine Tango

Here are five different yarn options I’ve found online that look similar in color to Pantone’s Color of the Year. These aren’t designed to be Tangerine Tango but they look close to me:

1. Black Cherry Colorway from Candy Skein.

2. Valley Yarns Northampton (via WEBS)

3. Cascade Sunset Orange

4. Artesano Aran Sunset Orange Alpaca Wool Blend

5.Tahki Cotton Classic in Red Orange

Will you be using red-orange yarn in any of your 2012 projects?


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