I frequently read news stories about crochet clubs that are forming in junior high and high schools around the nation, usually clubs that come together to crochet for charity. I don’t have any statistics but it seems to be a growing trend. In fact, at least two schools made the news for that this past week: Blessed Sacrament Catholic School and Broomfield High.

The club at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is an informal club that was started after a teacher noticed that one of her eighth grade students was constantly crocheting granny squares. The girl had learned from a needlework group that met at her chair. The teacher asked the girl if she would like to teach others how to do the craft and she agreed. There’s now a small club of four crocheters who are making granny squares to stitch together into blankets that will be sent to people in need in Africa.

Broomfield High has a more formal crochet club that has grown to more than fifty members since it started in October. About one fifth of the members are boys (bro-chet anyone?!) It is specifically called Crocheting for a Cause and therefore emphasizes the value of giving to others by using your craft skills. It was started by a student who didn’t know how to crochet but asked a teacher to teach her so that she could start crocheting for charity. The group is beginning their charity efforts by giving small blankets to their local firemen for various people in need. They also plan to donate to other community members in need like seniors at a local residential living center.

Is anyone else seeing a trend towards more crochet clubs in our kids schools? Does your community have one?


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