Olek is one of my favorite crochet artists (and the first one I ever profiled here on the site). There are things she’s said that rubbed me the wrong way before but she makes really great art on a consistent basis. And now I’ve got to give her some kudos for her attitude towards some boys that recently vandalized her art.

One of the main things that Olek is known for is her public art installations. She covers various things, like the Wall Street Bull and the Astor Place Cube, in her signature colorful camo style of crochet. Recently she did an outdoor art installation like this for a festival in Poland (which is where the New York artist is originally from).

Two teenage boys decided to vandalize her crochet art. They tried to rip apart the yarn but Olek must have done a good job of weaving in her ends because they couldn’t finish the job that way. They ended up deciding to burn her work.

The boys were arrested for their vandalism. However Olek took the attitude that she didn’t want them to be in serious trouble for what they’d done. Boys will be boys, after all. She said that the boys are repentant and certainly shouldn’t have to go to prison. She also didn’t want reimbursement for the damage. She did suggest that the boys do community service crocheting scarves for charity, though!

I think Olek’s stance here is a positive one. Of course we shouldn’t be encouraging teenagers to vandalize public art but we also shouldn’t be putting them in prison for doing it. The punishment should fit the crime and I totally think that Olek’s crochet for a cause suggestion is perfect.

What do you think of Olek’s suggestion?


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  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    I’m all for community service in this instance, but I’d probably keep a close watch on those kids since fires can easily get out of control and kill people.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Good point @Marie. Arson is definitely dangerous but it sounds like in this case they didn’t really realize the harm they were doing.

  2. Sara - momwithahook Reply

    I seriously think in this case the punishment certainly fits the crime. Olek may have just converted two young boys into future crochet artists themselves. Who knows, once they start crocheting scarves for charity they may start the next Krochet Kids?

  3. Susand1408 Crochet Addict Reply

    It’s a fantastic punishment. Sometimes kids do things that are wrong because they are crying out for something right to do. Although the punishment forces them to learn crochet in the long run if one takes it up long term instead of following an illegal route it could make a difference.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Susand1408 … Thanks so much for commenting. Such a terrific point!

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