Today’s crochet on Etsy selection is the Dunfermline Crochet Shawl by QuimsyCo.

Curious: Do you wear crochet shawls?


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  1. I have never worn one before, I’m making one right now, so maybe I might start!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Casey … I just made my first crochet shawl. I’ve never worn one either actually. Interesting.

  2. I wear all three of the crocheted shawls I’ve made. In fact, my black one has been my go-to scarf for work for the last two weeks!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Tink … I’ve only just realized that it works to wear them as scarfs. Prior to that I’d always seen them just held around the shoulders or arms and it seemed super inconvenient.

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