Have you been following along on with the 31 Days of Crochet Giveaways! We’re almost a third of the way through the month and so far people have won yarn, crochet wine cozies, patterns, crochet books, and a plarn iPod case. Today I’m giving away three Leisure Arts pattern booklets from my stash. Enter below to win.

About the Prize

Today’s I’m giving away three different crochet pattern leaflets from Leisure Arts. Together they offer seventeen different crochet patterns. The winner of this giveaway gets all three booklets.

The three leaflets are:

  1. Totes for All Reasons by Marty Miller. I adore all seven patterns in this crochet booklet. Each pattern shows a variation to help you see how to change the designs to suit your own style. Read my review of Totes for All Reasons.
  2. Lovely Wreaths to Crochet. Wreaths seem to be all the rage this year so these seven crochet wreath patterns by Anne Halliday are quite timely although this is an older booklet from 1994.
  3. Easy Vests of the West. Here’s another one from 1994. If you like funky vintage crochet designs then the three Western style vests will appeal to you.
Note: Totes for all Reasons is in like new condition. They other two leaflets are showing their age a bit but aren’t in bad condition.

How to Enter


This giveaway is only open until midnight EST tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Twitter and Google Plus as well as in a roundup post of winners on Sunday.



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  1. Susand1408 Crochet Addict Reply

    I would be most excited about the wreath one. This is the first year I have been crocheting at christmas. Previous years I would by a decoration each year to remember the year by but this year I want to make decorations to remember this year by.

  2. Stephanie Brodersen Reply

    I am most excited about the totes leaflet. I love making and using them!

  3. Ooh–I’d love to get some new tote patterns! What a fun giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. =)

  4. I love the wreath one but any other time of year I think I would be most excited by the Western Vests one

  5. I would like the Vests best I believe. Even tho they would be a bit “retro” at this point, by changing colors it often makes a difference. I don’t need sweaters now that I am of the “hot flash” age, so a vest is a good idea.

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