We’re on Week 5 of the Designer Crochet Project and that brings us to Christian Dior. Let’s see how crochet has played a role in Dior’s design and take a look at some amazing Dior fashions that would look stunning if they were reinvented in crochet.

About Christian Dior

Christian Dior burst onto the fashion scene with a bang in the late 1940’s. The war had just ended and fashions were still rather sparse, angular and plain but Dior changed all of that with super-feminine bustling evening gowns, the revival of the corseted waist and other elaborate features. This was just the start of his cutting-edge take on fashion. In the next ten years he managed to create nearly two dozen collections, each with a unique silhouette that pushed the boundaries of fashion at the time. Unfortunately, he had started this career a bit late in life and passed away in 1957. His inspiration lives on at the fashion house of Dior.

Crochet in the Dior Collection

Here are some crochet items from House of Dior.


Dior Macrame

Recent House of Dior Collections have featured crochet’s cousin: macrame.

How Dior Can Be Worn with Crochet

Vintage Crochet Dress with Modern Dior Sunglasses

Crochet Dress with Dior Jacket

Lace Dior Shoes would look great with an openwork crochet dress!

Dior Fashions That Would Look Great in Crochet

The square motifs of this 1950’s Dior dress would lend themselves well to reinvention in crochet.

Could the new faux fur yarns be used to create an amazing Dior-inspired jacket?

I would be stunned if a crochet designer took this late 40’s Dior dress as inspiration!


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  1. Aprile Mazey Reply

    The white crochet dress for a little girl would be so adorable! These are some great designs. The Macrame dress really blew me away.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Aprile … There was a whole runway season of really cool macrame that they did. Impressive use of an art that’s usually considered so crafty.

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