2011 was the first year in my annual crochet blogger awards. Each day I gave a special blog award to a crochet blogger who does one thing especially well. It is very important to me to help strengthen the ties in the crochet blogging community and it was a joy to be able to support some of my favorite crochet bloggers in this way. There were many, many people that I wanted to give awards to but here are the ones that I narrowed it down to this year in the end:

  1. Best crochet interviews: Underground Crafter
  2. Best crochet finds: Anastacia Knits
  3. Best crochet tutorials: Crochet with Raymond
  4. Best crochet ripples: Debi Y.
  5. Best crochet news source: JD at Craft Gossip
  6. Best vintage crochet finds: Thornberry
  7. Best colorwork: Le Monde de Sucrette
  8. Best crochet videos: Crochet Geek
  9. Most helpful crochet content: Poetry in Yarn
  10. Best charity crochet blogs: SIBOL, Bridge and Beyond, and Crochet Cabana
  11. Most organized crochet blogger: Crochet with Cris
  12. Best sharing of own crochet work: Keri @ Yarn Dharma
  13. Best crochet linky: Sarah London’s iCrochet and Tamis Amis
  14. Most generous crocheter: Bev of One Yarn After Another
  15. Best photos: Attic 24
  16. Best crochet podcast: Shorty’s Sutures
  17. Best freeform: Crochet Queen Gwen Blakley Kinsler
  18. Best CAL: Rachel of Maybe Matilda
  19. Best wearable crochet patterns: Eleven Handmade
  20. Best crochet tips: Fresh Stitches
  21. Best recycled crochet info: My Recycled Bags
  22. Best free crochet patterns: PlanetJune
  23. Best crochet book blog tour: Robyn Chachula
  24. Best personal posts from a crocheter: My Crochet Therapy
  25. Most thought-provoking crochet blog: Crochet Liberation Front
  26. Best niche of crochet blog: Tapestry Crochet
  27. Most variety in posts: Crochet Spot
  28. Best reviews: Cute Crochet Chat
  29. Best crochet accessories: Stitch Story
  30. Most feminine modern vintage crochet: Daphne Nicole Lynda Cade
  31. Best posts from a yarn blog: Malabrigo weekly color feature


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  1. Thanks again Kathryn. Congrats to everyone that won an award. :)

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