I am so thrilled to be able to be a stop on the blog tour for the new book by Stacey Trock (aka FreshStitches). I really enjoyed her last book, Cuddly Crochet, and I knew that I would enjoy her new book, Crocheted Softies, as well. Today I’ve got a review of the book and I’m doing a giveaway of it for Day 8 of my 31 Days of Giveaways.

Who This Crochet Book is For

This is a crochet pattern book filled with one and half dozen patterns for large-sized plush animals from around the world. Anyone who enjoys crocheting animals but who wants to work in bigger sizes than traditional amigurumi will find this book to be fun. The getting started guide at the start of the book will provide most of the crochet info a new crocheter would need to get started so I believe that this book could be useful to crocheters at any skill level.

Format of the Crochet Book

This crochet book begins with an intro that tells us about the author’s passion for crochet. Then there’s a basic “getting started” guide that provides info on crocheting as well as extra knowledge required for making stuffed animals, such as info on plastic craft eyes for the projects. This is followed by a guide to the basic crochet stitches and additional techniques used in the book.

Before we get into the patterns for each animal, we learn the basic animal shapes. This is where you will get the row-by-row pattern information for the basic sphere, legs, etc. that will be used throughout the book. More importantly, you can use this information to modify animal designs or even create your own.

After that, we get into the individual patterns. These are organized into categories and we get two patterns for each of nine locations: Africa, Asia, Australia/ Oceania, Europe, North and South Poles, North America, South America, The Oceans and even two fun imaginary animals from Outer Space! What I love about Stacey’s book is that she really injects fun and personality into her creatures so it feels like you’re making an animal with a story instead of just a stuffed toy.

Each individual pattern includes:

  • The character’s name and some fun sentences about him. A large front-facing photo of the finished animal plus another smaller view like a side view.
  • Skill level, gauge info and finished size
  • Materials including the specific yarn and color that is used for the photographed item
  • Pattern notes (such as work in back loops only)
  • Number of basic body shapes to make (like two legs)
  • Row-by-row pattern for the different parts, like the trunk for Peanut the Elephant or the ears for the animal
  • Extra notes, like a note on the yarn company or the fiber used. I think these notes add a really fun bit of info to the book and I thoroughly enjoyed checking them out throughout the book. In fact, one of my favorite things about this book (besides its cuteness) is that Stacey teaches us about working with uncommon yarns like Corn Yarn.
The book ends with helpful info on crochet abbreviations, yarn weights, etc. and finishes with an About the author page.

My Favorite Crochet Projects

It is seriously almost impossible to choose just a couple of great projects from this book to highlight. They’re all so fun! But you want to see what you’re getting right? Here are two I really loved:

Sherwin the Alpaca from South America.

Salty the Crocodile from Australia / Oceania. I love the bobble detail on this one!

The Rest of the Blog Tour

I’m just one stop on this blog’s tour. Check out the others:

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This giveaway only runs until midnight EST tonight. The book is a review copy that I received for free from the author; this did not impact my review. The copy is signed by the author.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this book since I first saw it on a blog (don’t remember who’s). I really like the idea of animals from around the world and larger animals that you can wrap your arms around and squish would be a nice treat and something different.

  2. Claire Gannon Reply

    These ate so cute! Can’t wait till I’m good enough to try making something like these.

  3. I love the whole idea of toy making. But the finishing on the toys in this book would really make these toys gift worthy.

  4. I am melted by an overload of cuteness!!! And I am already counting people who would be very happy to receive a project or two from this book — especially a couple of grandkids I know (and a few “young at heart” oldies, too).

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  5. Sylwia Plaza Reply

    Oh, I have always wanted to start making softies and amigurumis! Until now, learning how to knit socks and crocheting enormous triangle shawls has taken all of my time. But I will knit me a softie in due time!

  6. Oh my, this book is great and the animals are so very cute I would love to win this!!

  7. What a lovely review and oooh a giveaway you say? I’ll drop my name in the hat (although, if I don’t win, I’m going to buy the book anyway). I really want to make the snail!

  8. I love it, I really want to try these patterns for my daughter and my nephew and my niece,
    Thank you
    I appreciate your December Crochet giveaways, Thankssss a lot

  9. Bonnie Vasko Reply

    Pick me Pick me Pick me! They’re soo cute – my nieces and nephews would love getting one of these softies for Christmas

  10. I love making toys for my children. All 3 are obsessed with stuffed animals and with my crochet so I know they would love anything I make them from this book.

  11. OH OH OH PICK ME PICK ME!!!! I would love to win this!! My kids would love for me to win this. Not sure my hubby would be too happy because I would be shouting NEED MORE YARN!!! Giggle Giggle Good luck all

  12. I started crocheting dolls and animals when my girls were very young. They now have little ones of their own. My grandkids always want to see what grandma is making and the first question is “is that for me”?
    I’d love to have this book. Sherwin the Alpaca is adorable. That I may have to keep for myself.

  13. I really want this book, because I’m in love with Stacey’s work and Iwant to start making amigurummies to my 6 month-first-child!
    Thanks a lot!

  14. Love the crocodile, and the alpaca! I’m sure the others are just as cute :-)

  15. I would love to win the shawl! So beautiful, would be Great for my trip to Germany!

  16. Susand1408 Crochet Addict Reply

    It would be fantastic to win. I would make so many of the designs for so many of the children I know and love including my son.

  17. This is so cute animals,what child could resist them,my inner child love them too =o)

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