Today’s crochet quote comes from Crocheting with Dee in a post she did last week about crochet hooks. She believes that:

“Crochet hooks are the unsung heroes of our craft.”

Do you agree? Do you think a lot about your hooks or just use what’s on hand?


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  1. A crochet hook has to fee right. I don’t like plastic and some metal ones sort of “squeak” on the yarn and that drive me ‘nuts”. I have bamboo knitting needles and I am going to try a bamboo crochet hook and see how I like them. I have several of the same size hook and I buy them until they feel right. Crazy, huh. It would seem they would all feel the same,but they don’t.

    Now to the question. I just learned my lesson the hard way. I needed a P hook and I got a plastic one because that is all I could get quick. BIG mistake. Never again.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Sandy … I definitely feel that way about the plastic ones. I like the aluminum hooks (I’m a Boye girl) but I want to branch out. I’ve just gotten my first bamboo hook but it’s a little too lightweight for me so I think maybe I want to try a wooden one instead.

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