Today’s crochet quote is by Stacey Trock from the intro to her crochet book Crocheted Softies.

In her book, Stacey points out that it’s totally fine to follow a pattern exactly and get the same results as the designer but it’s also fine to modify patterns as your creativity sees fit. I agree!

“Give a crocheter a pattern, and she’ll make an exact copy of the sample in the pattern. But teach a crocheter how to use a pattern, and there’s no stopping her!”

Do you normally follow a crochet pattern exactly or modify it?


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  1. I modify it. I do try and stick to peoples patterns but there is something personal about crochet and when you start making something you soon find you add your personal touch to it.

  2. If I do find a pattern I alway modify. Nothing makes me happier than to see what I can do with it with my crochet talent. It forces me to try new stitches. It just comes out to be unique and I like that. Most of the items my customers like are the modified ones.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Cheryl … I think it’s so wonderful how you can take a basic pattern and then change it to suit your own creativity and end up with something totally new.

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