Jennifer Xerri is a fiber artist who works in crochet. She is also a DJ, which just goes to show that there can be many creative facets to one artist.

More About Jennifer Xerri

The Ferndale Patch did a great article on Jennifer awhile back which is how I learned about her. She makes knit and crochet creations that are wearable pieces of art and sells them through a business called Starlily Creations. She is also a DJ with song mixes available to hear on SoundCloud.

Starlily Creations

Jennifer named her crochet business Starlily Creations after her grandmother Lily who taught her how to knit and crochet. She still uses her grandmother’s old crochet hooks when creating her works of fiber art. Starlily Creations is on Etsy and Facebook and also makes appearances at various craft fairs and events.

Wearable Crochet Art

The wearable crochet items that Jennifer has become most known for are her vintage-inspired scarflettes. She uses her own design to create these small crochet scarves and embellishes them with vintage buttons which she has been collecting for a long time.

Scarflettes are just one of the crochet items that Xerri makes. One of the items of hers that I’ve spotted online and found most interesting was this bohemian top:

And although they aren’t specifically crochet, I love her yarn earrings:

Is this really crochet art?

This is where we could get into the whole conversation of “what is art?”. Usually the artists I include in my Monday features are visual mixed media artists who work in crochet to present ideas through tangible displays. In this case, we’re not necessarily seeing an expression of specific ideas, so is this art? I consider this crochet art because it’s original work not based on a pattern, has a definite style unique to this artist and is visually striking to the eye. What do you think? Is this crochet art?


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  1. Elisabeth Andrée Reply

    Hello Kathryn,
    Nice post again. I do agree with you, it is original work not based on a pattern, has a definite style and is probably unique (but what have the eyes have seen over the years, nobody is free of influences?). Not sure to call this art, but on the other hand why not. It is philosophical. For me personally the question is, do I think/feel it is beautiful of not so beautiful (attractive/a pleasure for my eyes) or do I think/feel it useful or not usefulI Does the work interest me? I think all the pieces are interesting and I think the scarflet is well done, useful and in other colors it would be beautiful… my opinion.
    Till next time!

  2. carolmckayau Reply

    “Is this really crochet art?” I’m sure fashion designers consider themselves to be artists, so why not.

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